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Play a sound when completing a task.
Since Microsoft is planning to discontinue Wunderlist, I'm considering switching to TickTick. But the one thing I really miss from Wunderlist is when you complete a task, it plays a happy little "ding!" sound. Is there any way to get the TickTick web client to do that?

I know it sounds weird to care so much about a seemingly small thing, but it actually makes a big difference to me. It's much more satisfying to complete a task if you're rewarded with a "ding!", and it makes me want to get the next task done too.

Thanks for contacting us. This feedback has been transferred to our product team for further evaluation. Feel free to reach out again for more feature ideas&help in the future.
yeah i have it on my phone but it doesn't work on my desktop where can i turn it on?

This is not supported on the desktop app yet. Will be implemented in the future.
Why does it take so long for it to get implemented what are the devs doing are you guys sleeping or what? @oilexxxi
Hi :)
Any update about this feature for the PC version?
Late 2019 and still nothing on the Mac App...
The ding sound is important for me too! I will often open up my phone to complete a task on that, even if I have the web version of Ticktick open in front of me. This is the power of positive reinforcement...totally amazing! I love how Ticktick allows us to personalize the sound on iOS, I've actually stopped using other to do apps solely because I didn't like their ding. Would love love love to have this happen on the website version as well!
Any progress on this for desktop/web? I really need that "ding" if I am to replace Wunderlist....
Hah! I googled how to turn the sound on, but found this thread...
Hey guys (devs)! Thanks for the amazing app, but don't bee like Microsoft! I tried to switch to Microsoft ToDo from Wunderlist, but they don't hear their users... Now i'm trying your app, but it's very sad to see, that such a simple feature you can't fix years... ((((
Hear! Hear! This feature request is approaching 3 years old. It feels a little silly to take out my phone to get a little positive reinforcement but it helps me enjoy productivity more.
I would love to have this added to the desktop app for Mac. It was very satisfying to have the final "you are finished" ding. TickTick is the best app I could find after being forced to leave Wunderlist. It also was an alert if I accidentally clicked to check off a task when I didn't mean to. But now I won't even realize my mistake.
(Well I am glad I am not the only one that is REALLY bummed there is no "ding" when you click off a task. )

Dear Ticktick, I am a longtime Wunderlist user and did a bunch of research on how to replace it and was wavering between you and ToDoist. I am not one customer but many as I have a team of people that will be upgrading to premium if this is the right app for us. Positive reinforcement is powerful and studies show that a shot of dopamine is released when you hear a small happy sound that signals accomplishment and in this world, we could use all the little shots of happy hormones we can get! PLEASE listen to the others above and update this with a good ding or a few options on your desktop program. You have a lot of people potentially coming from Wunderlist that have been trained to expect and appreciate this small but powerful element. Thank you for listening!
Wow I thought I had turned it off or something! This would be so nice! Consistency across all clients is very important
+1 about sound on the web version
+1 for sound in the web version
+1 for sound in the web version. The sound is what keeps me motivated to complete tasks :p
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