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Performance While typeing
I am using the web app through the Chrome extension on my Windows 10 machine.
When I am typing text in a task description, my CPU usage goes to 100%. For example, I have a task labeled Garage Sale. When I open the task in the left pane and am typing information about the task in the right pane, my CPU usage in Task Manager almost immediately spikes to 99-100%.

Can you tell me what is causing this and what I can do about it? This does not happen with any other application.
Hello Jim,

Thanks for contacting us. Could you provide more info in order for us to trace down the problem:

- was the task a "task" or "subtask"?
- did this happen before or only recently?
- your browser info
- what input method did you use?

It was in the description section of an ordinary task, not a subtask.
It's been happening for at least a few weeks perhaps two months or so. However, I was just able to narrow it down to TickTick itself before yesterday. Note that I have nothing else loaded and, until I start typing, the CPU usage in about 15-20%. I start typing and then it goes straight to 100%
I am using the latest version of Chrome: Version 58.0.3029.110.
I am using the keyboard.
Hello Jim,

Could you clarify your Input Method again? Sorry for the confusion. It actually implies if you used a different input system (IME) on your computer, such as Microsoft Office IME.
Sorry, I did not know what you meant. I am just using the standard US English. No other languages. Does that answer your question?
Yes, thanks for the reply. Could you try to sign out and sign in back, see if it helps with the case?
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this, been tied up with other matters at work. Anyway, I did sign out and back in again and that was no help. As I mentioned in another thread, could it be the number of completed items I have? I must have hundreds, if not a couple of thousand. I don't need these. If getting rid of these would help with performance, how do I do that?
Umm.. How many smart lists & uncompleted tasks you have in the app now?
I have only 1 smartlist but I have 34 regular lists and 1,172 tasks. Interesting, in the profile it says I only have 32 completed tasks but I only see about 9 in the Completed tasks folder and don't know how that got so low. I had several thousand yesterday and I deleted only about half of them. did you do anything to those completed tasks?
Okay, I resolved this and maybe if others have the same problem, this will help. I am used to running Google for Education (I was working at a university). I would routinely have my personal and business Gmail account and business calendar and Google Drive open simultaneously with TickTick and some time some other sites all in Chrome. I searched for a problem with Chrome performance and found How to Make Google Chrome Fast Again at I followed the steps there and then I have only opened my personal email account and not the business accounts since I am now retired. The problem I was having with TickTick was immediately resolved.
Another post about how slow is tick tick on those cheap servers. Invest in faster servers please specially for paid subscribers, Thank you
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