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2FA support
Support for 2 factor authentication would be nice for an added layer of security.
Hey again. Thank you for an idea. We will analyze it with our team deeper. But this year we have no plans for its realization mostly. If you have any other comments please provide.

Yours, TTT
+1 for this. Hope it gets higher on your list sooner rather than later.

I figuratively have my short-term life planned out in this app. I'd definitely sleep better if I knew I can setup a 2FA here like most online services these days.

Best regards, Iman
Hello TickTick team,

Is there any update on implementing 2FA? Better security should not be a feature, but part of the core design of any app...


Sorry, to support 2FA is not in our current plan.
Definitely 2FA is a must!!!,
2FA using an app like Google Authenticator is surely something to consider. Microsoft To-Do, Trello and Evernot has it already. It is currently the only way to stop people from accessing our accounts if they manage to guess or otherwise obtain the account password.

Unfortunately password reuse is a common practice, and the resulting credential stuffing ( makes accessing accounts without proper authorization all too easy.

It may seem that the information contained in a task manager app is not that important. But I think otherwise. The information contained in the tasks are highly personal information that may contain business secrets or other confidential information that should be properly protected. And enabling 2FA would be the logical next step to do that.

Please add 2FA as soon as possible. Its absence in 2018 seems really odd and creepy.
Please add 2FA support. It's really essential in keeping your information safe, and should really be a standard feature.
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