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Bug: Widget Not Updating
TickTick Version:
Android Version: 7.1.2
Device: Nexus 6P

Using home screen widget 'compact'. After the latest update, I noticed the widget wasn't updating the current task list. I removed the widget, re-added the widget, and created a new task in the full app UI. The home screen widget updated. After a few hours, the home screen widget will no longer update with the tasks on the current list in the main app UI.

Also try switching task lists from the widget's own menu. The widget will not display the selected list. It seems frozen.

Anything else I can provide to help squash this bug?
Same issue here
Same issue with the "standard" widget. Annoying because I love these widgets and they're one of the main reasons I have come to love TickTick. Please save us TickTick support.

Have you upgraded to the latest version? We've fixed this issue with the 415 update.

Since some time, I'm noticing that the widgets stop updating after some time. Fiddling with the widget settings sometimes temporarily fixes the problem. Only recreating the widget completely makes it work again, for *some* time.

I read in the previous message that you fixed a similar problem just a month ago... So I guess there must be some remaining issue.

What can I do to fix the problem?

Hello wwwald,

Could you please contact us at We will send you with a new fixed installation package.
Hi, the same problem with all widgets. It could work for a day or for a hour properly then it stop updating. So I should recreate widget all the time. C

TickTick Version: 4.2.1
Android Version: 7.1.2
Device: Meizu M6 Note
@Артем Окуньков, could you double check your system settings, see if all the permissions that are related to TickTick were enabled? If it still not works, please contact us at
I'm having this issue aswell.

Could you make sure you are on 4.3.5 or higher version of TickTick, see if the issue remains? If so, please contact us at with your case.
I'm still having this issue, on version 5.7.2, android 10, oxygenOS 10.0.0.

I've turned off power optimization for this app as well, to make sure the service runs in the background.
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