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Can you tell me when I created a specific task? The creation date.
Can you tell me when I created a specific task? The creation date.
Hello. Thank you for application. Could you specify your case and platform you use to help you faster.

Yours, TickTick Team
Generally, the history of your tasks you may look through in web version only. And we have no plans in the closest future to spread over this experience to phones. This feature is available for PRO users. You are kindly welcome to test our other featuring functions in PRO version as well.

Yours, TickTick Team
Web Version... but no, I'm not a pro. I'm open to helping test anything. I use your app a lot!

Tommy, small hack to you. You might buy PRO with 14 days refund period in Store. So, you test all the options to decide whether you like almighty power of TickTick or not, keep or leave PRO version. And our yearly subscription plan is very competitive now. If you have any other question, please feel free to apply.

Yours, TTT
I have now the pro version. HOw can I see the creation date of tasks? Can I see also for tasks that were created before I bought the license and that were created on my android?

Ok found it! Task activities ... very cool!
You can also swipe up within task and it will be revealed at bottom of screen
was searching for this! how does one even get to know this function, is it in the wiki?
It's in the user guide. :)
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