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Hiding past calendar events
One of the things I love about Tick Tick is its calendar integrations. I would like to see the ability to hide calendar events that are in the past. To put this in to context for you:

As I close out my tasks for the day, the calendar events remain. Thus if I have one task, and three calendar events it shows four (4) tasks remaining.
However these calendar events have already occurred so in reality I have ONE thing left.

I will list these in order of preference:
1. Ability to "check off" a calendar event. This would seem the easiest from a technical standpoint as you can treat each object on the form the same. Ie. All items on the form have the 'complete' check box.
2. Delete calendar events. Allow a swipe with one method: Delete (trash can). This would remove that record from the form.

Hello John,

Thanks for contacting us. Your feedback has been transferred to our product team for evaluation. At the moment, users on Android app are allowed to delete certain events from the calendar view. However, once an event's been deleted, there's no way to get it back other than the undo function which lasts for 1 or 2 secs only. We will consider carefully whether to develop this feature on other platforms. Let us know if you have further questions.
Hi! Just found this thread and not sure if there is another similar more relevant (or newer) thread. I thought it was really clever to let me check off calendar events in my “today” tab on the iOS version of the app. When I synced my external calendars with my macOS app, it didn’t have the same functionality. Is that in the road map or still being discussed?
I posted a similar request before but never got a response, so chiming here to agree with this request. On the mobile apps you are allowed to "complete" a calendar event by swiping, which removes the event from your to-do list, but on web (and Mac apparently according to the previous post) this is not possible. The ability to either A) check off calendar events or B) automatically hide past calendar events on non-mobile apps would be helpful.
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