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Subtasks in Today View
Hey, thank you for adding the Subtask Reminders! Great, great addition. I just have one suggestion: I assume that a lot of people use Subtasks as a small project (e.g. 'Build Playhouse' and then add a few general steps > 'Draw Sketch' / 'Calculate Materials' / 'Buy Materials' / 'Put it together' / 'Paint')

All these Subtasks will happen on different days... Now, the Main Task won't be due until, say, 2 weeks from now, so it doesn't show in 'Today'... but let's say Today is when I plan on 'Draw Sketch'

It would be wonderful then if the 'Build Playhouse' task would show in the Today View - just to show me that one step of it is due today.

I know, alternatively, I could make a new list 'Build Playhouse' and then create real tasks for every step - but that really ends up making too many lists if I always operate like that...

Would you guys be able to include that?
Hello Chris,

Thanks for contacting us. Your feedback has been transferred to our product team for evaluation. We appreciate your effort in helping make TickTick better. Let us know if you have further questions.
Too it is necessary to make and with tags.
I join this idea. It will be convenient to see the subtasks separately. Now I have to change the term of the main task every time.
subtasks appear in "Today" view of Windows app. However, they do not appear in Web or Android. Is there any way to let them appear ?
I found "Show Subtasks". thank you.
For the record, I don't count these as subtasks as subtasks should have their own notes section to be counted as "tasks". They're really just check lists.It would be nice if TickTick had subtasks.
I also like the idea presented by OP. Using subtasks are great to keep a larger task on track, but I'd like to see the main task title concatenated with the subtask title in my smart views. Thanks OP for proposing this.
we should be able to add note for each subtask
Agreed on this !

What do you think to add asignee to sub-tasks too, really useful when you work on shared lists
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