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Can't Sign Into App via Google
I was having an issue syncing the web version to the iOS app. I tried signing out of the iOS app, but was unable to sign back in using my Google account. I'm able to sign in on the web version using my Google account so I'm guessing there is something wrong with the app. I tried deleting and downloading the app again with the same results. Could you please assist?
I just started having this issue today as well. First I noticed a task I had marked Done on the Web did not sync to my iPad. I did not sign-out of the iPad, but the app automatically signed me out. Now it will not sign back in using my Google account.

My iPhone app is still signed in, but won't sync. Version 3.6.52 is installed on both my iPad and iPhone. Running latest iOS version on both devices.
We are so sorry for the issue, it should have been fixed now.
Yup... I'm back in now!
i still can not logon ticktick network connection error , why ?
Hey Corey,

Could you please try it again now? The devs have fixed it.
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