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Dark theme on the web
Hey guys, any luck you're going to introduce the dark theme on the web similarly to the one on Android which I personally find stunning?

Kindly note that I am aware of the black theme, but the dark theme is the one I am most interested about. It is truly wonderful, I always wonder why TickTick never implements this theme on the web. Is there any specific reason? I've searched the forum and found several people have been requesting this since over 3 years. Wow that some long time, I wonder if this will ever come true. I hope you can be honest and let us know so that we don't have to keep waiting!

Best regards,
Hello Wassim,

Thanks for contacting us. To develop new theme colours on web has always been on the ongoing list of our UI team. However, as I heard from them, some colour tend to be different when shown on different computer monitors, some would even block the text or appear garbled. That's why it takes us quite a while to introduce new colours. Your feedback has been transferred to UI and they will begin to test it soon. Let us know if you have further questions.
Any plans for introducing complete dark (twitter like) theme?
Dark theme would be great, I use it on all devices but in some places I consult I am unable to install the app and have to use the web version, much prefer the dark theme!
Any plans for this?
How about exposing a CSS API for the web app so I could design my own dark theme? Honestly, I just want to duplicate the "black theme" colors over on the task list and task detail views.
A fully dark web theme would be great!
Hello guys,

Devs are working on it now. Please be patient for a bit longer. Thanks for your understanding.
how about pure color green like in android?
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