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Window 0910 Beta
Dear TickTick users,

The Window App that you all have long looked for is finally here. We will release Beta testing from now on. Click on the link below to join and help make TickTick better.

TickTick Windows Beta

TickTick Team with love.
Woooow I can't wait to give it a try.

Can you please enroll me in the beta? How do I get it?

I'd appreciate if you guys can send me the link to download via email.

Thanks Lexi!
Also looking forward to this!
Please let us know how to download this!

Hi TickTick team,

Installed Win app and below are the issues Identified in the first look.

List of Issues:

1. Installation language shows in chinese and not in English

2. Unable to select Custom Smart Lists in Settings.

3. Smart Date parsing is having some issue.

4. When Entered task like "check today 4 PM" it is storing as "Check today 4 PM" as task

5. And time is storing as 4.30 PM (half an hour later to what time we've entered).

I believe still theme and other features are not included.


Balaji KS.

Hi Balaji,

Where did you get the installation from? Thanks in advance!
Hi Taher,

It is the url they provided above.
Ah I didn't know they edited the original post. Thanks mate.

Here's the URL for those who missed it above:
Hello Wassim,

I've edited my above post, with the url provided for downloading. Please go check it out.

P.S you may wanna wait for a few minutes and let me confirm the installation language issue B addressed.
Alright thanks Lexi. Yeah mine started in Chinese too so I'll sit tight until you provide the correct URL for the English installer.
OK, Lexi. I played around with it. Pretty neat job. Kindly find below my quick catches & feedback:

- "Hide Completed" does not hide completed tasks in the Calendar View.

- Arrange tasks in calendar view does not work.

- I love the quick add (Ctrl+Shift+A) but can we also include the ability to have the details in that box (like list, priority & date)?

- The App is very slow compared to the web version.

- Right clicking a task does not show anything like on the web where we can change the properties of the task at a glance.

- Link do not work in task details pane on Windows (they appear as plain text and can't open them by clicking).

- In the Windows version, I'd expect a native experience to happen when I click on the task to drag & drop it somewhere else. Unlick the web where we have to handle the task from the left most icon after hovering on it, I think on Windows we should be able to click & drag a task even if we started from the middle of the task preview line.

- Can we switch the tabs shortcuts with Ctrl inside the App? For example to enter the "Add Task to ..." from within the App I had to click "tab+n" which is the same as the web, but on Windows this is often replaced by Control button instead of Tab. The exception on the web is because you guys don't want users to open a new tab when someone hits "Ctrl+n" hence you introduced the tab workaround, but I see no reason not to use Control in Windows.

- Summary isn't available.

- I can't see my GCal lists (yet they show up in calendar, but I can't click on the emails like I can on the web).

- I was in Inbox on both the Windows & the Web. I delete one item from Inbox on the web, and clicked the Sync button on Windows. In few seconds it decreased the number of tasks in Inbox inside the Windows app, but the task stayed. I had to click somewhere else (Today) and come back to Inbox to see the task deleted.

- As Balaji pointed out, we can't see or create Custom Smart Lists.

I totally understand this is just the beginning. Considering this is a preview version, I'm so glad to see this coming alive. I'll keep it on my computer and keep updating it, and once it's more stable I'll begin using it, but I can tell you that you're doing a wonderful job already.

For now, I'm going to keep using the Web App but I'll keep an on the Windows version and I'll be using it for quick collection (This universal quick add is awesome so I'm going to use it for quick collection).

Many thanks again!

Best regards,
Nice, is this a Electron app?

As stated from other: default language is Chinese, there should be language selector with the installer or for the first start.. or provide English as the default language

Make a URL clickable is not working, so the text parser is missing this regular expression check

I will not repeat all the other stuff.. but I can confirm most of them :P
Here is my feedback:
1) Very slow......
2) No trash list
3) Not theme selection
4) The description font is too small.
5) When writing in description, "enter" to have a new line below doesn't work.
6) When maximize tick2 window, my hidden windows taskbar cannot bring up if I move my mouse to it.
7) No custom smart list
8) Less shortcut compare to web version
9) Layout problem, the pro user badge on the profile picture is out of range.

1) Please add the option when I click close, it will close the whole app instead of stay in notification shade.
2) Add in a desktop notification that work with Windows 10 native notification would be great.

As oppose to above feedback, my log in screen is in English language.
"Hide Completed" does hide completed tasks in the Calendar View in my case, not a problem.

I'm happy to see this Beta version. I will use the web version at the moment. But I will keep on update the windows version and test on it from time to time as to help improve the app. I understand this is new and you have my support to provide feedback and to make it better. Cheers!
Signing in is not possible, No network connection.

Seems your don´t care about settings like proxy?
Hello Eric,

Could you turn off proxy and give it a try?
I crashed the app by clicking several times on "Resume list order" on the Next 7 days view. The crashing pop up included text in chinese.

Love, love, love the quick add global shortcut <3
Would like themes or at least the light colored theme available!
Chrome extension is better now
Can someone outline the benefits of this client-side app over the web/chrome extension apps? Thanks!
I for one like FireFox.

Even if you use Chrome you don't need to load it up.

You can pin the application to your task bar, also have it load on boot up.

It can be used offline.

I'm sure there are other advantages.
I need a hotkey to fast show/hide app without clicking icon in tray.
Add more shortcuts please (like in web).
I want to change that blue color in left tab.
Is date parser works with 24h format?
Why app in chineese in task list?
Hello Roman,

Did you mean your task list is displayed in Chinese? Could you make sure you've updated to the latest version? There were some bug issues exist in the past but we've fixed it in the latest version.
I mean windows task manager. App name displayed in cheneese.
Can u also make movable eadge of right tab? I just cant make it bigger (move edge to left).
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