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The way for chagning the date of single occurance of repeated tasks
I finally found the way of changing the date of single event of recurring task without changing all upcoming tasks.
That's what I did.
I created new task from the main program which is repeated weekly on Saturday ( I must choose "custom" from the repeat option, then every 1 week and choose Saturday), and you can't choose Weekly (Saturday), from the main repeat option.
When the alarm window triggers, I click, "snooze"|, then "change date" and choose the day you want to postpone current occurrence, you will note that only the current occurrence has been changed and when you complete the tasks in the new date, you notice that all upcoming events recreated for the original date (here to Saturday)
What I noticed, if I repeat the same scenario but I choose the repeat option form the main window (not from custom window), the upcoming events changed to the new chosen date not the original date.
and also If I repeated the same scenario from quick add option from the widget, also all upcoming event changed the date not only the current event.
can you please explain the cause ?
Hi Mohamed,

You can only choose to repeat by a rule (Take "week" as an example, you can only choose to repeat by every Saturday or every Sunday) in the main window, while it's support to repeat by multiple rules (repeat by every Saturday and Sunday) in custom.

In the first case, changing date means you may want to change repeat rule at the same time or not because there's only one rule, and we pick the "changing repeat rule too" by default. However, in the second case, it's more likely not to change the repeat rules.

That's it. Actually we have plan on improving it, so you could tell us more about your opinion.
Thanks for your kind reply,
Is there a way to make the second scenario by using smart date parsing method, so change the date without changing the repeat rule ?

Also another question when I type in smart parsing method in quick add for example (every Tuesday), the date changed to the "day of the next week", although I expect to choose "today", also when I type "every Wednesday", it automatically, choose the Wednesday after 8 days "not tomorrow" !!
can you please explain that
I'll transfer the repeat rule improvement to product team for further consideration, thanks for your suggestion.

And I'd like to confirm the situation you mentioned, did you mean, the date will change to next Tuesday when using smart date parsing even today is Tuesday? I tried but haven't reproduced it, I typed "every Wed" and it chose "today" correctly, so please tell me the task title you typed if possible.
Yes I typed "Test 10pm every Wednesday" the new task created with the name test and first event after 7 days not today

Thanks in advance
The last point of that topic
We previously said that we can change the date of single occurrence when depending on multiple custom rule
But unfortunately we can change the date only not the time
If we change the time of current event; all recurring time Also change
Please put on mind for future development
I suggest clear option of change current event or all upcoming events.
Thanks for your patience.
In the new update; the problem of repeat every week in smart date parsing has been fixed. Thanks for developper team.
But still problem in smart date parsing, when I type tomorrow, it is recognized as today in spite the word tomorrow is deleted, I hope that bug is fixed
I'm my to TickTick and still exploring it. About repeating tasks I was wondering if you could consider to change or add a posibility to have an option for taks to be created on a specific date, period. I mean like it is now but only so that new taks isn't created as the first is finised but for example in 2 weeks with a due date in 7 days.
I have a lot montly repeating tasks, and as I finish one, the other is created, and there fore my list never ends...not a great feeling.

Hello Danijela,

Thanks for contacting us. And welcome to TickTick.

Your feedback has already been transferred to our product team for further evaluation. Let us know if you have other questions.
Add another vote for this feature! It is one that has me considering moving to another service. If TickTick can add this, it would be perfect!
I vote for this feature too !
Yeah, I had to leave Tick Tick because of this lacking functionality. To be clear, here is the use case that is missing: 1) User creates "Task 1" due on Monday and repeats on Mondays. 2) User decides the Task 1 can't be completed on Monday and reschedules for Tuesday. 3) User completes Task 1 on Tuesday. 4) Tick Tick reschedules the task for the next TUESDAY. This is not desired. The new task should be scheduled for the next MONDAY. Will happily be back if this can be fixed.
Dear Developer,

Any fix for this issue? This is an important feature for many people!

Thank you.
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