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Recurring reminder notifications stop working after a few days

I'm using TickTick for daily recurring reminders. Like "12 am: Go to bed".

Sometime in the last month or so, the daily notifications of these recurring reminders have stopped working. It appears I then have to reset the reminder time again, although I'm not sure about the exact fix.

The reminders will then work for about 2-3 days, before notifications cease again.

I have about 10 of such recurring reminders every day, and they have all stopped sending notifications.

This wasn't a problem before, and I've used TickTick in this fashion for well over a year now. So something must've changed. It is probably some sort of bug, perhaps after an iOS app update?

I'm using the latest version of iOS as of 2017-04-13.

Thanks for contacting us. Could you please provide more info in order for us to better help you:

- Have you used multiple reminders in the above case?
- Is there any action that you assume might cause the notification failure (if so, please be specific about the circumstance)
- When notification chimed, have you proceed any of the following actions: complete、snooze、etc

Lexi, thanks for your reply.

- I don't use multiple reminders.
- The only thing I can think of is *inaction*. I never complete any of the tasks or the subtasks. I only count on them as reminders of my daily routine.
- When the notifications chime and work as they should, I don't do anything at all. I just wait for them to go away or clear them from the screen. I don't press complete, snooze, etc. They usually come up on my Apple Watch and there the screen will disappear after a while, no action is needed.

Here are two images of a task screen and its reminder; pretty straight-forward:

Please let me know if you need further information.
Hello again,

You barely opened TickTick, didn't you?
Lexi, that's about right. I rarely open the main app except once in a while, because TickTick logs out the user if you don't open it every two weeks or so, am I correct?

I mostly interface with the app via Apple Watch, Widgets, or Force Touch Previews to check my tasks, reminders and its sub-tasks. Since I don't complete my tasks, I just need to see the checklist items via glancing at them.
Okay, we've got enough info to evaluate this issue now. This feedback has been transferred to our dev team. They will begin to trace the root cause of it and fix it asap. Thanks for your prompt replies and kind support to TickTick. Let us know if you have further questions. Cheers.
Thanks for your attention to this issue! They can contact me if they require logs (if applicable) or anything else.
I found a "fix" to this problem. Whenever the notifications stop coming (which usually happens every 1.5–2 weeks or so), I just for one recurring task have to remove its Due Date, Reminder and Recurring settings. Then re-add the details. That will stop the "jam" for all notifications.

It appears it doesn't matter which particular task I remove the details and then re-add them. It seem to be more about the whole system getting jammed at some point. I also don't know if you need to remove both Date, Reminder and Recurring settings for that task, or if it's just one of them.
I'm having the same issue on android 8. I don't think it's a bug per se, but it's more like "if you don't use this task, I'll stopy notifying it". I would prefer the notification to be there even if I didn't complete the task for a few times.
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