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Hello TickTick Support

I have a suggestion for a neat feature that will definitely help make my life, and I hope others too, a lot easier. I use TickTick at work and I take dozens of phone calls a day, having to constantly take down contact details for the person calling to get back to them. Sure I can use Outlook, Google Contacts, etc. to save the persons contact details, but I am never quite sure if I have saved the person’s contact details or not, and time is of crucial essence.

Do you think you can start looking into maybe adding a Contacts Manager for TickTick that will streamline tasks that involve contacting people? For instance, when I add a task like, “Call Sjarn back with prices”, TickTick can maybe recognize the name “Sjarn” if she exists as a contact on TickTick, and then clicking on her name will take you to a page where you can view her contact details, e.g. phone number, email address, company, etc.?

Thank you for your attention regarding this matter.
This would be sweet and would help me immensely as a sales guy on the go. I'm wondering if the CRM people have a market lock on this feature. I can never find this kind of functionality outside true CRM software.
It would wouldn’t it Damone? I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds such a feature appealing! I work internal sales and bussiness has picked up a lot this year, meaning my day is filled with stuff to do and my memory is not one the greatest. It is for this reason alone that I am developing my own note taking application that not only has a Contact Manager, but a supplier manager as well for comparing quotes.
Hello guys,

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, to support the feature of a contact manager is not in a short term scheduling of the dev team. We do apologize for the inconvenience that has caused to you. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Again there is a problem with the calendar tasks. It suddenly stopped keeping the tasks I have arranged on a given day in the order I place them in. Once I close the app and return (or go to a different day), it moves the order around. Very frustrating!

What is your TickTick version?

I’d like to see my events still on the calendar from previous days

Does the app show previous dates? Not only the ones I had before installing TickTick but after I started using it I’ve added events from another cal that sync with TickTick & the day has passed and the event is no longer showing in TickTick. Is this a bug or do events purposely disappear once it’s passed?

Hey there,

Currently, it is designed to show the events from Today to the next 3 months.
Renewing in few months.

TickTick needs a Contacts Manager or CRM to make it a real player. I do love TickTick. Truly. But paying for this *and* a CRM where I attach docs as well is overlapping.

Please post if a CRM component is in the works. I'd pay more for that feature. Hope so.

If not, I won't be renewing my Premium subscription.
I would like a simple version of this. Where we have Lists, Tags, & Custom, I would also like to see "People" and "Organizations". This could be done almost like a "Tags" folder for each. & then just adding a notes section to the top of the tag to enter contact information and other information. I would pay an additional 2$ a month for that change, which presumably would implement existing architecture with relatively minimal change.

This would make the relational database slightly more complicated, but allow you to copy existing architecture.

The tags feature is very powerful already, but adding folders & sticky notes/information section at the top of tags including notes or even links to another tag in notes would amplify the power of this feature. For example, a link to the organization tag from under a contact tag, or the option to auto-label every tag for that contact under it's organization as well, though i realize that's more complicated

Though, having one of those tags sections synchronize with contacts in my phone and upload that "notes" section to my phone contacts would also be immensely useful (though probably much harder to execute).

Thanks for your consideration
Maybe an addon to connect TickTick with Google Contacts?
Добавте пожалуйста цели!!!

Please add goals !!!
Dear developers please add integration with Google contacts, like in
Смахивание после выполнения не убирает задачу.
Excellent idea!
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