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Color for subscriped calendars
At the moment all calendar events are grey in the calendar widget on Android and in the web app. There is no option to choose a colour for the different calendars, like I can do for lists. I have 5 calendars imported and it would help me very much, when I could set a different colour for every calendar event.

Thanks for contacting us. Your feedback has been transferred to our product team for further evaluation. We appreciate your effort in helping making us better. Please let us know if you have other feedbacks in the future.
Hi Wendy - can you please clarify if the application is supposed to differentiate calendar events by color? The screenshot in your user guide below seems to show different colors for a variety of calendar events. However, my actual calendar is just displaying every event (for all of my Google calendars) as the same blue/grey color.
Hello Andrew,

We support differentiate tasks by color in the calendar view. Each task will be displayed as the list color that it belongs to. However, this function is not available for subscribed events.
I'd love colours on subscribed events, they make up the majority of my ticktick calendar. Display of recurring subscribed events are also sorely missed.
Okay, we now have different colors for calendar events on the web application and on the Android app. Thanks for that!

But the colors does not appear in the calendar widget on Android. Please fix this. :)

Yes, this function is already on our list. Please stay patient for a bit longer.
More than one year has passed
When will we be able to show colour on subscribed events/calendars in the web version?
This function is available already. Please give it a try.
I cannot find any option to change the colour:
Could you let me know where I can find that - that would be great, thank you

(another example: my subscribed iCloud calendar on TickTick iOS shows in the specified colour red, however in the webversion, all entries are shown in grey and I can't see any option to correct that)
Sorry for the confusion. Subscribe events via URL cannot show colors at the moment. Only Google calendar events are support to show colors. We will try to make it happen for all calendars in the future.
So after more than one year, do you have a rough timeline when this will be fixed?
June. :)
Hi - has this been added? If so, please provide instructions. Thank you.
Hello Can you please add an option to use the Tag color to be the default color on the calendar?

So, is there finally an option to change colour for subscribed events?

(p.s. Attempting to post an emote here throws an exception. Something you might like to know)
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