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Quick Add date format intepreted as US not UK format?
Using the quick add (bar at bottom of task list) when I type in a UK date format (18/03/2017 ) TickTick adds the task as if it were a US date format. The phone is set up to UK format for date.
Is there any way to change TickTick to assume UK date format or for TickTick to use what Android is set to for time and date?
Hi , sorry , now TickTick does not support this kind of setting . I'll transfer this to product team for evaluation . Thanks .
We are working on this function now.
How's this feature coming along. Can this also be developed on windows?
I really miss this and it's a big bummer.
I've just started using the Windows app and have this same problem as I'm based in Australia.

Is there a way to set the preferred date format for the app?

Not at the moment. But we will improve this feature and make it follow the system time format in future updates.
Please allow the ability to change the date format. This should be a basic feature. Thanks!
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