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Is there a way to change my default list? When I open the app, it goes right to the inbox list (which is usually empty), but I'd like it to go to my "today" list (which always has due tasks). I can't figure out how to change it in the settings! Any suggestions??
Hi , default list is not supported in TickTick now . However , you can set task default settings with default due today . Then new task will appear in Today list .
Wiz, that is a helpful tip I was not aware of, but having new tasks default to "today" makes the "inbox" list even more useless if there is always nothing in it and the app always defaults to this empty list, right? I get the GTD idea, that you open to the inbox to do triaging on the tasks that need to be organized or rejected, but sometimes you want to actually "get things done".

That is why I question whether "today" is a good default option because it is only for tasks "due" today rather than tasks I must "do" today. When working on a task that should take all week but is due Friday, it doesn't show up in "today" until Friday.

I have a Smart List called "Working On" that includes all tasks tagged #next or #now. This is like my "mental desktop" of things I should be working on. Could also include things due this week.

That is the list I would like to open by default in TickTick. Or the last list I was looking at, which is probably the most practical option.

(P.S. I would use this feature on iOS and on the Web. I realize this was an Android question, but the topic of "default list" interests me.)
Please, add this feature. I really want to change my default list, also following the GTD idea, but I want it to go to my "Next Actions" list.
I get annoyed when things go to my inbox. I want it to be empty.
You are talking about at least two different things. :-)
Shown list when opening the app.
Mine is showing the list/view, as I left the app before. (Good.)
The list where new tasks are (if you don't create them while being in a specific list).
In my understanding "inbox" is perfect. Of course this should be empty, but you have to decide the list. (BTW: "Today" is not a list, just a view on today's tasks from all lists.)
Think about received tasks by mail: It appears in "inbox". Then it's your first task, to sort it into a list that you want it to be.
Or think about a pretty fast just in a hurry noted task. Of course later, with some time, the task has to be given a time/due date and its list.
The default due date.
I also set "today" as default due date in new tasks. This helps not to oversee tasks in the inbox. (Just noticed: Tasks received by mail are not given this default due date.)
same here.

I use the web version most of the time. Would be very helpful if the users can set the default list.
Would be nice to be able to set a default list!
Would be nice to be able to set a default list!
I asked a 'default list' option long time ago. No changes since that time. Is this so hard to do? Really. When adding from icon long press (via small pop up) it always set to inbox. Very useless behavior. Please add the option setting where all new tasks should be saved!
+1 for the default list option.
+1 ability to change the default list is especially useful when creating tasks in the calendar view
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