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Can't remove calendar subscription
(On the Chrome app): I've added a calendar subscription but now I can't remove it. I click remove and it disappears, but when I sync again it reappears. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still just reappears when I log back in and won't go away.

(The reason I'm trying to remove it is that calendar events don't show up with dates.. they all just show up together with no due date... another problem altogether).

Help much appreciated. Thanks!
SOLVED: Have to remove the subscription in the online version. Removing it through the Chrome app doesn't work.
Hi Billy,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll look into this issue and fix it asap.
Hello Billy,
Sorry again for any inconvenience that has caused to you. Unfortunately, we no longer support the Chrome app since Google's not doing well with supporting it either. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a full service when using it. We do recommend you switch to chrome extension for better service with us :) cheers
Thank you TickTick.Bird and Wendy. I wanted a solution that allowed the TickTick app to come up full-window from the windows taskbar. In the end, I've decided to use the Chrome "Add to Desktop" feature to save the ticktick web page as a link that can be placed as a taskbar shortcut, and opens TickTick in a new separate chrome window, effectively the same as the Chrome extension. So.. that's another workaround! Thanks again, Billy.

I subscribed to my local calendar and i would like to remove it.

I upgraded to premium and I now use the option to add my Google calendar, which works just fine. But
I can't find a way to remove the local calendar.

It doesn't even appear in the browser version. And there is no option to delete it from the mobile app.

Any suggestions?
@Eva - Did you ever get an answer to your question? I'd also like to unsubscribe from my local calendars. (Android)
Nope :) .... :P
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