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How can you delete all completed task with a single button click?
Would love to be able to delete all items of a large completed list by pressing a "delete completed items" button. This is possible on your Gtasks app, but not TickTick as far as I can tell. This seems like the most basic functionality, not sure why it wouldn't be available.

If there is some utility to not having this, or a different way I should be trying to use the app, let me know!
Hi , ticktick does not support that feature now . For alternative , you could long press task item then select completed tasks in batch than press delete .
I'll transfer this suggestion to product team for evaluation . Thanks .
+1 on the all completed tasks in a batch. I have been assuming I just didn't know how -- just seems like it should be there! Deleting 50 completed items one at a time (or even in a batch like suggested) gets quite tedious.
Yes! Please
It is very strange that this function has not yet been implemented.
+1 or we need something to automatically delete completed tasks after X days.
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