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How can you delete all completed task with a single button click?
Would love to be able to delete all items of a large completed list by pressing a "delete completed items" button. This is possible on your Gtasks app, but not TickTick as far as I can tell. This seems like the most basic functionality, not sure why it wouldn't be available.

If there is some utility to not having this, or a different way I should be trying to use the app, let me know!
Hi , ticktick does not support that feature now . For alternative , you could long press task item then select completed tasks in batch than press delete .
I'll transfer this suggestion to product team for evaluation . Thanks .
+1 on the all completed tasks in a batch. I have been assuming I just didn't know how -- just seems like it should be there! Deleting 50 completed items one at a time (or even in a batch like suggested) gets quite tedious.
Yes! Please
It is very strange that this function has not yet been implemented.
+1 or we need something to automatically delete completed tasks after X days.
> It is very strange that this function has not yet been implemented.

It seems strange to me that this is something people want. Right now I imagine the easiest method is to go to All-->Completed and scroll until you hit the bottom and then select all the completed ones by Ctrl+shift clicking from the top to bottom.

I think a more useful suggestion would be the implementation of a "delete on completion" option. I think that would be particularly useful for repeating tasks.
Sorry, currently we do not support it. But here is one halfway solution, click the first task, press the shift and choose the last one.
Why is there no Select All function yet?
OK, I'm a big fan of TickTick, but this is an important feature and its been over 3-years since the initial inquiry. Is there any plan to implement it?
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