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Notifications do not vibrate
Notifications do not vibrate on my android smartphone when in silent mode and with vibration
Hi Raul,

Could you provide us the details of your device info to help us check it? And for further confirm, have you turned on the Vibrate in Settings, Reminder?
Hello, my phone is a lg g4 with android 6.0. All notifications vibrate me (I have it silently with vibration) except for the ticktick app, ie the notification is displayed but does not vibrate
Could you check in TickTick app Settings - Reminder -Vibrate is disabled ?
Hello, I have activated the vibration in the settings of ticktick reminders
I also have this issue on iOS. Latest apps and iOS and it’s turned on in settings
Hey Annie,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you tell us the platform you are using for TickTick?
I have this problem too. I have Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. Vibration option is enabled, battery optimization is disabled. Only TickTick does not have vibration.
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