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Assign to multiple users

How do I assign a task to more than one user? Is this possible so that multiple people get notifcations about my comments on a task?
Sorry , ticktick does not support assign one task to more than one user . But I'll note that suggestion down for future consideration . Thanks .
Hi, Do you know when this will be available?
@Jessica, just my kind reminder, in order for the person to get notification when you comment on a task, you have to mention that person using "@" feature. If you comment just in plain text, that person won't get notify. Just in case you don't know. :)
Thanks, I was looking to be able to assign multiple users to a task. Also, if I have a shared list, and don't want to see tasks assigned to someone else, I can switch that off so I only see tasks I am assigned to by editing the shared lists and choosing hidden. However, if no one is assigned the task then it doesn't show up in anyone's list, therefore potentially being missed. If I don't check hidden then I see tasks assigned to other users which I don't want in my inbox. A suggestion would be if there is a shared list, and no one is assigned to the task it shows up in all shared users lists rather then not showing at all and being missed.
Hi Austin,

I'm sorry that this feature is not in our current plan.
Okay, thanks for checking.
You should really add this to option. As a PRO user, this is a drawback for operations. thank you
I agree with Mehmet, this feature will help our small team greatly.
I also need assignee to multiple member on a task, it realy helpful to share task to muliple member, I used some app such as "Work do", this app already support assignee to multiple members.
Hi Support
When we can have this function?
Sorry, to support this feature is not on our current to-do list.
Can you tell reason why this function is not on your to-do list? Many member required this function.
Wow, this feature should be rather basic for a to do list that offers shared lists... And it has been requested since at least 2015 in the forums if I saw it correctly. This honestly doesn't get my hopes up regarding any features to be implemented in the future.
I don't understand why you most task managers have not implemented such a basic feature, I have tried many but I soon delete them cause obviously, this feature is so helpful when you are working with a team.

Does anyone have suggestions on a similar task manager where it is possible to have multiple assignees?

Absolutely insane that this feature isn't in TickTick...
I agree, either allow assigning multiple people to one task, or show the unassigned tasks in everyone's list. Otherwise this app is useless in terms of list shearing.
I agree, this is basic in every to-do app that has shared lists or has a feature to work with a team, naturally when you share a task with someone is not only to delegate a task, sometimes you have to work *with* that person to complete a task, more if it has a lot of subtasks in it.

This feature would be greatly appreciated, and would bring more value to the app.
Assign tasks to multiple members
Not renewing my Pro account at the end of the month due to this feature not being on the road map.
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