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Expiring tasks
Is it possible to have tasks that expire? Currently, the default behavior is that a task that has missed the due date stays sticky until completed. An expiring task would disappear from the "Today", "Tomorrow", etc. lists at the end of the due date.

Here's an example. I create a task called "My expiring task" and set the due date to Feb 1, 2017. Currently, TickTick says that if I don't mark the task as completed on Feb 2, 2017, the task will still keep showing in the smart lists (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, etc) as Overdue. My suggested expiring task setting would make this task disappear automatically on Feb 2 (after its due date has passed).
Sorry , ticktick does not support this feature now . We'll note it down and take into consideration . Thanks :)
Hope it can be added to TickTick :)
It has been a while. Are you considering to add this feature?
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