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"Time Duration for tasks" test begins!
The test for TickTick new feature "Time Duration for tasks" begins!

We've sent you Email before test, and please check Apple's invitation Email.

The link to join TickTick test group in Google Play:

Time Duration is a Pro feature, but all testers (Pro and free) can use this feature during testing period.
This feature will be only available to Pro after the new version is officially launched.

If you have any feedback during testing, please leave comments below before January 11. Thanks for your support ^-^
Could you notify about when it will be possible to test?
Oh wow now that's some big deal. Please make sure to mark the total time for tasks at the bottom of every view. Check out Nozbe they do it amazingly.
Good to see this. So far no complaint, feature just work well and nice.
Hello, will it be possible to change time like in google calendar by dragging, when will it work in web version? I can set duration of a task in web only if i have set it in android version
Dear All,
The test is already available for both Android and iOS, if you have any feedback during test, make to to leave comments here before January 11.
You could drag to change start time an end time. The test version is available, you could have a try.
This feature will also be available for web soon~
I cant set "time duration" of a task in web version only "time" its possible only if i have set it in android version..
I can drag to change start time and end time, but i cant drag it to change duration (2hours to 4hours) i have to go to time menu, will you make it possible?
This feature is still in testing for mobile app, so it's not online on web and other platforms. It will be supported on web ,too.

" i cant drag it to change duration (2hours to 4hours) "
If you are in setting time duration screen, you could adjust the start time and end time, then the time duration will also changes.
Did you drag it in 3-day calendar view?
How do I use this feature please? I can't see any options for adding duration on my Android app
@ Hamman,

If you add a new task by Quick Add, tap calendar icon on the left of quick add bar, "Pick Date", Set Time, and you'll see "Time Duration" on the top right in the pop-up.

If a task is already created, tap its due date in task detail page, tap "time" to set time and you'll see "Time Duration" on the top right in the pop-up.

I could add task duration just by drag&drop.
Complementary, I suggest to allow type duration.
So if you set the start time, for instance, at 9am and a duration of 2hours, so the end of the task should be computed by TickTick as 11am.
i suggest to enable web ver.
It would be good to have a time duration of 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. Or be able to choose the "default" interval

when do u want to release the new official update that has the duration feature?
suggest to enable web version too
I am a beta partner, but have not installed the test flight version for a few reasons:
1. Can you validate I will NOT lose all my data (per the message)? That would be disastrous.
2. The file size is HUGE (almost 90mb) Seems odd is this the general release size now?

Concerning time duration, where can we get more details on this? Is it absolute or estimated?If the former I see little value. I understand the concept, however would love a quick white paper or something (if it does not exist). Specifically, I would think it's for custom views, correct? in other words, assuming I place a time duration estimate property value for my tasks, I would then run custom views that show me the time duration sum for the tasks in the result set.
Use Case
1. I create a custom view using List A, for 'Tomorrow' date
2. When I run the view, I would expect to see the total duration of tasks within List A that have a due date of Tomorrow.

For some reason I can't use this app for testing, even though I'm a pro user (and I connected with the right google account)

Here's some feedback from me:

- I'd love a feature to allow me to set time for each activity in the included calendar (by dragging the edges like in Google calendar)

- It would be great to have an option to drag and drop tasks from any list to the calendar planning (in the browser and web versions)

Thanks a bunch
Como puedo adquirir la versión beta de ticktick para probar esa función?
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