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Suggestion: List activities to "all tasks" in a folder

"List activities" is a handy feature, but it isn't productive when you have many lists since you need see "List activities" for each list individually.

In order to make "List activities" more productive and useful, I suggest it can be accessible from "all tasks" in each folder too. Since you can arranged lists under folders, the "list activities" for folder's all tasks will allow much better overviews.

Is there any chance this feature be implemented in TickTick?

Hi Cadu,
Thanks for the nice idea. We'll note it down for further evaluation~

Could you please inform if this functionality will be implemented?

So far you can't see in a centralized spot what is going on with all your projects. I have dozens of lists and it is counterproductive to access each one by one to list activities. Then, without a centralized/all projects overview, list activities functionality (which concept is great) becomes underutilized in TickTick.

My first suggestion/comment was make available list activities accessible from "all tasks" in each folder too. Now I'd add to that list activities accessible becomes accessible for all projects at once, as it is available in Todoist.

Thanks for considering it!
I would also really like to see this. I have multiple lists but live in the all view... it doesn't make much sense to have to go through each list individually to look at activities. The description on the page detailing the features of premium is misleading... "Track the activities of your lists and tasks" makes it sound like this feature request should already be implemented. Thanks for working to implement this!
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