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UNDO feature request
A few months ago I already wrote a letter to your support with UNDO feature request, but sadly the feature is still not there...

Imagine you just missed a tiny checkbox with your bold finger and marked done a wrong task.. That become a problem without an undo feature as you have to search for that mistakenly marked task and manually mark it undone and let's say if you are on the go holding your phone with one hand - that become a big problem - switching between lists and swiping them back and forth looking for the thing to undo. But why?? That makes user experience uncomfortable or even stressful.

And what a wonderful experience would be just to shook a phone and press popped up undo button. Whatever you did wrong you can just undo it - isn't that great?. Well, I think it was "great" some time ago and now it is just an obligatory feature.

All decent software/apps out there have undos as it what makes computers better than sheet of paper.

Thank you.
Hi Ignat,
Thanks so much for telling me the detailed scenario and that sounds reasonable.
We'll talk about it in our product team first.
Glad to help. TickTick is an awesome app and that's why it deserves improvements. )
Yes we need a task un do feature! - Esp in the description field when using check boxes it is easy to tick one as done accidentally but I cant see away to un tick or un do it?
aha~ Thumb up for this.
Yes this is really needed functionality. I'll be happier, even in iPhone, if we make undo of a wrongly checked task by shaking the phone.
Very kind gentlemen, do you think will be possible to add the function "Undo" in the next release of your fantastic app? This feature is already present in GTasks and was very important for the app. Thank you for help Adamo Benato
@Adamo - It is there in the app. Go to General section and you can find option to Undo - ‘Shake to undo’. Thx
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