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Background Sync has stopped working
Background refresh used to work fine but now it seems to almost never work any more. I always have to go into the app to sync. This is one of the very reasons I bought TickTick Premium and it is seriously undermining TickTick's usability for me.

Nothing has changed in terms of settings or networks and it fails no matter what the internet connection is like (wifi, cellular, different networks, etc). Settings are all correct (e.g. Background Refresh on). Logging out and logging in makes no difference. Even deleting and reinstalling the app makes no difference.

TickTick 3.3.01 on iOS 10.1.1 (14B100) on an iPhone 7.
Hi Mark,
On which device what actions you did (add tasks, edit task content, or mark done) it can't sync to iOS?
When you open iOS app, tasks will sync?
Hi Wendy

I was updating TickTick tasks on the web on two different PCs - Microsoft Edge browser on a Windows 10 PC, and Chrome browser on a different Win 10 PC.

And, yes, everything syncs correctly as soon as I open the iOS app.

For example ...

All day today I have been under a WiFi network with very fast and consistent internet access. The iPhone battery is at 63% and other apps (like mail) are syncing very rapidly. I started the day with 3 "Today" tasks in TickTick. I have only 1 left to do as I ticked off 2 on the web), but my iOS badge app icon is still incorrectly showing 3 "Today" tasks and has been for several hours.

I just clicked into the app, and it then corrected very quickly to the correct "1" app badge.

I don't understand why this isn't working any more. TickTick is one of my most often-used apps on the iPhone, second only to two email apps, so iOS should be background syncing it very often. All settings are correct and nothing has changed.


Same for me, I can't synchronise Tick Tick with my devices since 2 weeks...
Hi Luca,Mark,
First, please check if you give TickTick notification permission by: Settings, Notification.

If yes, and the badge still does not sync, then that may be caused by:
When the device in low memory, the system will suspend some apps. App is actually nor running when in suspended state, So, when you open the app, tasks will sync.
Hi Wendy

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think that's an answer. Restarting the iPhone would address any low memory but the problem persists. Other apps with background sync don't have this, so it's an app problem. I know iOS manages background sync priority, but as nothing has changed except recent updates to TickTick, that would also suggest an app problem.

Suggesting that you have to open the app to update is not a solution.
Bringing this back up. This is insanely frustrating. Why aren’t you guys pushing changes to devices?
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