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Bug? TickTick does not always appear in Recently Used...
Hello, I have TickTick on a Samsung S5, running Andriod 6.0.1 and TickTick Version 3.3.0.
TickTick does not show up in Recently Used tasks... Here is how I recreate the problem.

1. Start Gmail or any application.
2. Start TickTick and then press the Recently Used Application button (button to the left of the home button) TickTick will show in the display.
3. Select the application started in Step1. For me I select Gmail to bring Gmail to the foreground.
3. Press the recently used application button again, TickTick is no longer present. However TickTick is present if I go to Active Applications, so I see it is still running...

I use this feature when I need to review information from other sources that I need to put in TickTick. Can you tell me if this is a bug or not and if this is something that can be fixed? Thank-you for help with this problem.
Hi Wayne,
I'm so sorry that we tested according to your steps but didn't reproduce the issue.
Could you close TickTick in the background and reopen to try if this issue occurs every time.
Thank you for testing. I have close tick tick and rebooted. The problem persists for me. Perhaps the problem is related to my phone, however tick tick is the only app that does this...
My wife has the same problem on her phone. Can you tell me what phone, OS, and tick tick version you tested with?
Hi Wayne,
How did you open/start TickTick, from TickTick app icon, widget, shortcut or other third-party apps?
I opened Tick Tick from a widget. I seem to have the problem from the app icon as well.
I mis-spoke. I only have the problem when I open Tick Tick from a widget. The problem does not occur when opening from the app icon.
Thanks. That's helpful:)
Hi Wendy, now that you know the problem is with the widget, do you know when or if a fix will be made available?
Hi Wayne,
We confirmed that when opening TickTick from widget, TickTick will not show in recently used apps. That's by design.
Hey Wendy,
That is strange to me that this would be by design. Other widgets I use such as Weather Channel, Gmail, USA Today, and Voice Mail always show up. I will remove the Tick Tick widget and use the app icon instead, but I have to say this really seems like a bug. I can't image why it would be coded to not show up. Thanks for looking into this for me.
I think it's connected with the fact, that the last opened task shows up even after the screen locks (which is a very-very helpful feature for me)! The dark side of it could be this "bug", in my opinion. If not, and there are no connection, I also vote for the fix of this issue!^^
One of the recent updates has corrected the problem. Thank-you for looking into this issue and resolving it.
there is any solution for open a task from widget and have that task show in recently used apps
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