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recurring tasks postponing

There is a recuring task: XXX repeat each month on 15. When I use swipe and postpone task to, for example, next monday (21 nov) app postpones not only current instance but also a reccuring date, so task becomes XXX repeat each month on 21.

I think there should be different behaviour, only the current instance should be changed, or there should be a question to change current instance all all following (something similar to behavior in google calendar)
Hi grizz,
Thanks for the feedback and scenario.
I'll transfer your feedback to our product team.
Thanks a lot~
What is the status on this request? I am new and trying to learn how to appropriately postpone or delete recurring tasks without effecting the criteria of the upcoming task. Please help!
This feature has been brought out already. Left swipe on a recurring task and select postpone.
This feature still needs work. If I select postpone, I am only given the option of postponing until the next scheduled occurrence - for example, I can postpone a weekly recurring task until next week, but not until tomorrow.

If I select "Tomorrow" (instead of postponing), all future recurrences move back one day too.

The workaround seems to be to schedule all recurring tasks using a custom recurrence, which is a bit clunky and imperfect.

Any chance of modifying this behavior per grizz' suggestion? I have just moved over from Todoist and this one of the few obvious relative shortcomings of TickTick.
Hello Jon,

Your feedback has been noted, will be evaluated soon.
+1 on this feature (I noticed other users requesting this in 2014 already).

I need to be able to postpone recurring tasks to a date and time of my choice, without impacting all the other instances.
>> Otherwise, I am unable to use the "PLAN MY DAY" feature on the iPhone without breaking all my recurring tasks (and I have many!)

Not just the next instance, but any instance in the future!

Apple OSX Calendar app does this very well.

Thank you in advance.
I think this is a very important work to be done. I have many recurrent tasks, and need to postpone only one, not all the recurrent future tasks. The app should only ask if you want to postpone all the recurrent or only that precise instance. The same even if I want to delete the task for one day and not all the recurrent. (As already said, it works like this in iOs calendar, and I think should also in ticktick).


Thank you very much!
I found a workaround, for the meantime, for the next instance:

On the Web version,

- Mark the task as complete > the next recurrence is created
- Then immediately hit "Command + Z" to Undo
- Ticktick puts the task back in the list, but it doesn't repeat, so you are free to schedule this task whenever you like, without impacting future recurrences!
I'd love a workaround solution (the above described problem with recurring postponements is a significant issue for me, as a new user) , but I don't see how to do that on a pc keyboard. Is there an undo function that works with ticktick? I tried Control Z (which is the typical undo function) and that didn't work for me.
This is probably my biggest issue with Tick Tick at the moment having just migrated over from Todoist, I appreciate the workaround that people have suggested however postponing a task really should be a standard feature at this point.
We will implement this function in the future. It's been confirmed.
Add another vote for this feature! It is one that has me considering moving to another service. If TickTick can add this, it would be perfect!
Any updates to this function?

This feature is already available on mobile apps. Could you specify your request?
@oilexxxi I just installed the android version. This is one of the features I am looking for and I do not see how to do it.

The functionality is: set a task to recur every Saturday. Now select the instance of that task for the coming week and change it to Sunday. I want only this week's instance changed. Next week, and all subsequent weeks, this task should still be on Saturday.

If there is some way to do this, please let me know how because it is not obvious.

We only support to skip or postpone the current recurrence. To change the recurrence without affecting the future ones is not available yet.
will this be coming to the web version any time soon?
Please +1 for the Web and make it a customizable postpone date not 1 day or 2 days but anywhere between the old and new recurrence. The schedule mechanism is very fragile I would even opt for warning the user changing to a new scheduled event will change future events (as I also have many cycle events)
Still waiting for this, would be main reason for me leaving the app since it's not at all useful with recurring tasks.
+1 for this feature. Let's say it is Sunday today and I setup a task to repeat every day at 7pm. If I go to the task on Monday and change it to 8pm, it asks me if I want to change it to 8pm for just that day, all days, or just days after the current day. However, if I do it for the current day, it doesn't ask me the same question so I end up scheduling all the tasks for 8pm when I only wanted to move Sunday's. This is inconvenient because if I am working on something and need to push a recurring task back an hour, I have to skip the recurrence so the task moves to Monday then create a new time on Sunday at the new time so that it doesn't reschedule the rest of the week. Seems like the functionality is there as I can do it on any day but the current day. Just want this functionality moved to the current day. Thanks!
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