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Add location from web

Please tell me how to add location to a task from web page and how to change location to a task that already has location set from mobile app.

Thank you,
Hi fadel,
I'm sorry that location reminder is not available on web.
Is this feature planned? If so, how 'important' is it? Is it likely, that feature will be implemented? How far is it from the beginning of work?
Hi Oleg,
Usually people will set and receive location reminder on mobile.
So, location reminder on web is not in our plan~
I use desktop to add tasks on a list shared to one of my employee using phone app, I have to paste google maps link into task because location from web it's not available in web ticktick . Not all the time links work on the phone ticktick app.
A lot of the time I am adding skeleton information for tasks from my phone. I add needed detail once I am back at my computer. I would use the location reminder WAY more from my computer.

Workaround for the moment, for tasks with the same location. I created a task with the location on my phone and moved to a created a list called 'Template'. The task is named for the location.
Wendy, hello! Usually people can set location reminder on web version. See Google Calendar and Google Inbox, Google Keep and Todoist for example. It's very useful for planning.
Ticktick definitely need to support this on web.
Yes, adding location from web page is a must. I add locations to almost all ticktick jobs, and I have to do it with google maps copy/paste links.
Anyway, Ticktick is great, it saved me from a lot of phone calls.
Hello guys,

Sorry to upset you, to support this function is not on the list of our dev team now. We apologise for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.
I agree, this is a necessary function for the web.
This function it's one of the most important in a app like this. I have to create all the tasks for my team, and adding the location they can see really easy where they have to go.
I created List with templates of tasks with most useful locations on Android. And I can copy them on desktop/web.
Please add feature to web app to add and edit Location reminders. All clients should have this feature - creating and updating tasks includes setting all reminder types.
Yes. Please add this.
Hi, is this on the list yet? Adding tasks in web and then having to switch to mobile to simply set the Location address works but web should simply have the Location address field to edit.

"Web reminder" for location is not expected/needed, just editing the Location address field is needed.
Yes, JJ. We need location like calendar field.

2Devs — please add this feature!
I agree. Please add this feature. It is easier to do planning on the web (versus the phone).
I'd like to join the others in requesting this feature for the web version. I consider it essential since the bulk of my editing tasks (i.e. planning the week, adding details, etc) is done on the web app.

Also it would be great if a tag could be assigned a location (e.g. "work", so that all tasks tagged "work" automatically get a location reminder).
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