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Hi I would like use ticktick in offline mode ?
Hello I would like to use ticktick in offline mode. is there any such feature available in ticktick chrome extension else any windows application for ticktick(which I can instal on my windows os)
Hi Jayaram,
A windows desktop version will be available soon, in which you can use TickTick offline.
cool. thats nice to hear. Will i be notified anyway once the windows desktop version is avaiable ?
Hi Jayaram,
As long as these tasks are displayed on windows version, you'll be notified.
Hey, it´s been 1.5 years now since you mentioned that a wondows desktop version will soon be available. But couldn´t find it.
I would love to switch to ticktick. But I really need an offline solution. So hope to hear from you soon with good news.
Windows app is available for download on their website here:

Note that Windows app is only for Premium users with 15 days of trial available.

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