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A new native Mac version for TickTick is App Store
A new native mac version for TickTick is finally online in App Stote! Besides the menu-bar window, you can switch to full window to check and manage tasks now!

New features for TickTick mac version 1.5.0:
Add and edit lists;
View folders;
"Tomorrow" Smart List is available;
Share lists to others.

We're excited to introduce the brand-new mac version to you and hope you'll enjoy it!


nice to hear. Working like a charm. But what about attachment support for the macOS app? Since now it's not possible to up- or download content.

Hi Julian,
Since this is just the first native mac version for TickTick, some features have not be implemented yet. We'll add them gradually with future updates~
Thanks ^-^
The Mac app is nice, but manual sort in Inbox doesn't "stick". It will let me move the items around, but when I visit another list and come back to Inbox, it un-does my manual ordering. Is this intentional or a bug? *And*, when I use the web viewer, the order looks completely different than what the App shows!
why is no RTL yet?
I like the native functionality and while there are still some kinks (ex: cannot set multiple reminders) this is a great improvement from the last app store TickTick. Thanks for the update TickTick team!

Edit: Woah! I just saw the awesome new drop down tasklist from the menu bar. Very nice touch!
Nice to hear. But how can i install the old version. The old version get more intutive ui. I love old version
Mouse hover windows not working in native macOs app. I can't drag tasks now. And there is no "today Yesterday etc." window when I hover cursor to date. It's really bad. Please fix it. In web app all works well
May be it is reasonable to have hybrid version based, for example, on atom?
That will be one version for many platforms. And the same with mobile client.
Angular 2 + Ionic.
Two issues with the Mac app I was hoping you folks could fix. Otherwise I keep going back to Wunderlist. Wunderlist has its own problems but at the moment provides overall easier workflow for my style. I'll keep checking for TickTick updates because I do like it a lot except for these.
1. The Inbox does not support manual sort. After sorting that list, if you leave for another list and come back it reverts to the original (FIFO). This forces me to create a separate list for Personal, but this workflow requires more effort (tasks arrive from email via two IFTTT applets) and I often forget to check Inbox for new tasks to triage. Thus it is much simpler to just use the Inbox as my Personal list, and move the relatively few tasks to other lists as needed. I can work this way with Wunderlist but not TickTick.
2. No support for batch edit. This makes problem #1 more frustrating; since I can't use Inbox as my Personal list, I can only move tasks one at a time on the Mac which is a lot more effort.
3. This is minor compared to the other two and is true on all platforms, but it would be nice if I could drag tasks to other lists. The current workflow requires several clicks and is more effort. I'd call this annoying but not a showstopper. Wunderlist does support dragging tasks to other lists.

Thanks for listening!
Actually, the dragging tasks is pretty big for me. Without it, there's way too much clicking.

As a new user, I need to spend more time in the web version -- lest I conclude something wrong about TickTick's functionality.
Seconding drag n drop request. For now, webapp is much better and it's what I am using.
Hello! is it possible to search tasks via spotlight in mac version?
The Mac App always starts in Chinese or something on my Mac.....why ?
Want to see #tags in the mac app. thank you.
Hey there, for some reason this app always logs me out when I power my mac on and off. this gets very annoying so despite how convenient the mac app is I cannot keep using it.
What I miss on Mac version is ability set due date easily.
It would be good to have buttons like on Android - today, tomorrow morning etc.
Any updates on the native windows app?
please add smart dates like
tomorrow Tomorrow
next month 1st day of the next month
jan 27 Jan 27
27/1 Jan 27
5 days 5 days from now (+5 days)
3 weeks 3 weeks from now
2 hours 2 hours from now
I am using a newer version of TickTick: 1.6.31- Do I have the current version?
Hello Wendy,

Why is the comment functionality removed from the desktop version? Is this a bug? Please help.
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