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Master tags
Is there any way of setting a master list for tags in TickTick?

At the moment the list of tags is dynamic and changes based on the tasks that have tags. While this is quite good, it can mean that tags disappear if no more tasks have a tag. That means you need to remember the tag structure when you want to use the missing tag again.

For GTD it is useful to have consistent and clear contexts. TickTick relies on tags to achieve GTD contexts. This is not ideal and it means some compromises to a GTD approach.

However, one small thing that would help would be the ability to store a master set of tags.
Hi Mark,
Previously, tags will exist even you completed theses tasks. However, we received a lot of feedback that inactive tags should not show in tag section to avoid confusion.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion but I'm sorry that currently TickTick will only show active tags.

I will just make a master list of tags for reference like the one I used in Wunderlist. #hm = at home, #wk = at work etc.
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