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Linux App and APIs
I wish it had application for Linux and APIs.
It would be nice at least APIs, so the community could develop the Linux version.
Hi Franklin,
I'm sorry that Linux is not in our current plan. You could try the website version:
That's what me and my brother do. Both Linux users and TickTick fans. The web page and Android app cover 99% of my use cases. Still wouldn't mind seeing what some clever folks could do with the api endpoints!
+1 for a linux desktop version. It seems TickTick is native, so I'm hesitant to say to build an Electron app to cover all three desktop platforms, but it would be really nice to have it also on Linux.
Yes, I would also love a linux app
Me too :(
Please make a linux app. Would need it.
I would love one too. I use Manjaro. I use the browser extension but would prefer a native app.
I create a ticktick Electron application if someone needs it
Just installed the all that Anthony mentions, works great!

Might be worth adding slightly more verbose instructions about how to set it to run at startup, add desktop icon etc for people who might need more guidance.
I create a deb package (Debian/Ubuntu) to simplify the installation
Do I understand correctly that this is based on a reverse-engineered / undocumented API? If so, it can stop working at any moment. Dear TickTick, could you please provide an API? Thank you.
Check out unofficiel version of ticktick
Please, am interested in official Linux distribution too!
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