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"Add to ticktick" not working in Gmail
Hi, when trying to add emails from Gmail to ticktick, I get an error in the ticktick window saying " You don't have permission to do this".
This is after clicking on the "Add to ticktick" button in gmail and the box with details of the task appears. How can I fix it?
I have the same problem.
Hi Mapumba, David,
We're looking into the issue and will get back to you when there is progress.
Hi Mapumba, David,
When you click "Add to TickTick" button in gmail, the box with details of the task appears. Normally, there will be "Inbox" on the lower left of task detail box, and "Add" button on the lower right.

Does the message " You don't have permission to do this" appears before or after you click "Add" button on the lower right of the box? Will "Inbox" show in the lower left of the box?
Hi Wendy,

Thanks for replying. Nothing appears when I click on "Add to Ticktick". it could be some kind of restriction to the extension that I don't know how to access.

I am having same issue when click "add to TickTick" nothing happnes
When opening the add to tick tick in gmail - the "Due date " does not respond. - this then makes it extremly difficult for me to then have to go back in to TT to find the entery to add the date - its double handling. Please could you look into fixing this bug

I think if you add in to make the add to TT in gmail more robust - that you will help with the experience of so many people - the ability to add tasks from email - is excellant - but the current system seems to be a little clunky - Im sure you would win the hearts of so many people if you update this feature GMAIL.

thanks in advance
One more note concerning the Chrome extension:When using "Add to Ticktick" fro button or context menu,a feature of adding a due date is working no more
The issue of setting due date in "Add to TickTick" will be fixed soon~
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm having a similar problem except it's with adding to lists. When I click "add to TickTick" in Gmail, there's no longer a menu in the bottom left to add the task to a particular list in TickTick. This causes double work because I have to then go to TickTick to move the task to the correct list.

Hi Sam,

Your request is listed into priorities of our dev team. Thanks for a feedback. The bug will be fixed soon.

Yours, TickTick Team

I'm having both issues reported here for the "Add to Ticktick" button: cannot select due date and problems with selecting the correct list. With the list selection, it usually works the first time I use the add to Ticktick button, but for all subsequent tries, the list selection doesn't appear in the popup window.

Problem I am having is with the Chrome extension... It will not allow me to add a due date.
I also cannot select due date.
Hello guys,

This issue has been recognized by us. We will fix it asap. Sorry for the troubles.
Just one more vote here for fixing the due date issue in gmail. Thanks!
Hello Jeff,

This has been fixed already. Please give it another try.
As of Wed. morning, 7/19, the due date is still not working in the Chrome extension, either in GMail or from a web page. I have tried disabling all other extensions (in case they are interfering) and also tried deleting and reinstalling the extension a couple of times... Still not working.
I have the same issue as brufair. I can not select a due date in Gmail.
Hello guys,

Sorry for the troubles. We've fixed the issue of 'Due Date' not working, didn't recognize that there were other issues too. Will fix this one asap.
Now it works very well on my Gmail webpage. Thank you.
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