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New Task now added to bottom instead of top!
Apparently the web interface was just changed to add tasks to the bottom of a list, instead of the top. I have not upgraded my Android interface (and now will wait), and it still adds to the top. I prefer tasks to be added to the top for most of my lists.

Could you make it a per-list option to add tasks to the top or the bottom of the list? That would allow for best-of-both, because even I would prefer they be added at the bottom for some of my lists.
It seems like this is a new bug - when I add a new task it is added to the bottom of the list, as soon as I refresh the list, the task jumps back to the top. Please fix as this is very annoying!
I'm going crazy adding the same task multiple times only to find that their at the bottom!
Not good to know I can refresh but how annoying, wow.
Any ETA on a fix?
Thanks for the tip, Jakub! At least that's a workaround for now - and yes, I agree, that does make it seem like this is a bug, not intentional...
+ 1 !
Really support team, no comment / fix for this one....?
Hey guys,

Sorry for the late reply, developers are looking into this issue and it may take some time. I'll come back to you if there is a fix for this.
Guys, nearly 2 weeks and issue has still not been fixed... !!!
"IF" there is a fix for this?
Guys, nearly 2 weeks and issue has still not been fixed... !!! Please it is very important feature!
the problem is still here.
ugh this problem is driving me nuts!!! new jobs are going all over the place - the top, half way down, the bottom.
AAAANNNDDD i cant click and drag some items. sometimes i can. sometimes i cant. driving me nuts!!!
any update on when this stuff will be fixed? looking for an alternative to ticktick in the meantime... :(
Hi All,
Extremely sorry for the inconvenience. A fixed version is available now~
This is still happening to me. I don't know if it's a new bug. It seems to be only in the web/chrome version. I have a list that is set to sort by priority. When I add a new task, putting "!High" in the task name so it gets High priority, then hit enter, it usually will add it second to the bottom of the group of High priority tasks.

This is very annoying. Sometimes it adds it somewhere in the middle....

Any ideas?
Hi Simon,

Could you please check what is the date & time of this new task?
The sort order within each priority is date. If you have tasks on yesterday, today 6 PM and today 9 PM in high priority section, adding a new task on today 8 AM will put it as the second task within this section.
I am also seeing the same behaviour as Simon. Here is a simple way to recreate the problem:

1. First configure TickTick to default to high priority for new tasks. Also configure it to add new tasks to the top.
2. Add a new list
3. Change the sort order to "By Priority"
4. Create 3 tasks. They should each get added to the top of the list (as expected)
5. Move the 3rd task from the top of the list to the bottom of the list
6. Create a new task

This last created task will be created at the bottom. Not the top. Any new tasks created will be above the 4th task.

So it seems to me that the issue happens when sorting by priority and tasks have been re-ordered. In that case, new tasks get created below the task(s) that were re-ordered, not at the very top of the list.

My desired workflow is to keep my tasks sorted by priority. When I add new tasks, I want them at the top so as my top priority task, I either need to do that task or re-prioritize it. But right now, they get added somewhere in the middle, so it's easy for a newly-added high-priority task to get buried below the others and not get done on time.

For reference, I am using chrome and MacOS.
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