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Reminder issue on iOS 10 is fixed in version 3.1.05
Dear TickTick iOS users.

We're sorry for the inconvenience that reminder doesn't work well on iOS 10. A new version 3.1.05 with this fixed is already available in App Store.

If you're experiencing reminder issue, please update to the latest version.

Thanks for your support and feel free to contact us if there is any issue.
Am I missing how to download the new version? Can someone tell me how to do that?
Hi Wendyredmond13,
Version 3.1.05 is already available in App Store. What issue did you meed when you update to the new version?
Thanks for update but encounter more crashes while completing tasks now.
Update for computer as well?
So far ios10.1 beta 2 cleaned up crashes and reboots. Hopefully not a placebo....
Still crashing not as bad for some reason thought.
Hi James,
Could you update to iOS 10 official version to see if TickTick will crash or not?
If it still crashes, please tell us in which situation or after what actions it will crash? Or, it just crashes when you open it without doing anything?
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