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Disable notifications from calendar events
How can I disable notifications for events imported from my Google account into TickTick? I have a lot of events in my calendar, and while I want to see them in TickTick, I find the constant notifications annoying. Thanks!
Hi Nicole,
I'm sorry that there is no access to disable notification for calendar events.
Thank you for your response. I would like to submit a request for this feature. Many people use the notifications for events from their calendar, where there is more control (e.g. how far in advance to show the notification). I only add events from my calendar to see everything I'm doing in one place. But I'd rather have notifications come from my calendar, where I can customize them per event. Thank you!
Yes, please. Too many notifications coming through repeatedly.
Also when adding a calendar event in ticktick we should be able to select end time also. Most of the calendar events may span for more than 30 minutes.
Hi Guys, thanks for the request. We'l transfer it to our product team.
+1, just moved from Wunderlist to TickTick (and subscribed to Pro) because of the ability to make a detailed short-term task schedule within the same chronological view of my calendar events. That process, both on web and android, works great... but the notifications it produces are horrible. My device is a Droid Turbo still on Android 5.1. Though some of these issues are happening on web too.

First, I can't see any reason to even HAVE subscribed calendar event notifications from TickTick. These events are native on a different calendar that has it's OWN ability to notify (especially on mobile). I have like 5 calendars on gmail and only want alarm reminders for maybe 10% of events. For years I've been able to choose which events I want an alarm for and exactly how and when to get that alarm.... Now all of a sudden if I subscribe to some of my google calendars for task planning purposes on tick-tick, then all of a sudden I'm getting pop-ups and status bar notifications for EVERY event all day long... Again, those are completely redundant alarms that I've set from the event itself... I'd be really surprised if there were a lot of people that want tick-tick to handle their calendar notifications instead of from the native calendar app..... Since it's apparently hard to control the calendar notifications, it's probably better to just eliminate that function until it can be ironed out.

Second, since I don't want task notification alarms in general, my default is to keep them off at the task level. That seems to work fine. However, during the process of planning out my day using your really nice calendar/task overlay, it assigns due times to those tasks ALONG with activating the notifications for each of those tasks. So I can't line up a task order for the rest of the day without being bombarded with pop-ups and status bar alarms for every single task. The whole point of dropping tasks into calendar slots for short term task planning is for making a TENTATIVE plan on how I'll tackle the day. If the actual time to start these tasks that I've TENTATIVELY set was so important as to pinpoint with an alarm, then they wouldn't be TASKS, they'd be scheduled calendar EVENTS.... You do have some settings to help control notifications, but they don't seem to work. I've toggled them all off and even reset my phone (which annoying BROUGHT BACK a ton of previously dismissed ones) yet my status menu keeps being invaded by these excessive notifications. I've had to just block all notifications from the app to maintain my sanity for now while I consider whether I want to give up the ability to have notifications for a small handful tasks that Wunderlist reliably handled.

The strange thing is that your way of making a near-term task ordering plan with a calendar overlay shows you GET IT! I've been looking far and wide for a nice task system that lets me do near-term task ordering for today and tomorrow showing my actual calendar constraints. I was so excited that I finally found a task manager with this embedded feature instead of kludging together the idea with two separate apps. Please fix these notifications! It really should only notify individual items that are specifically selected by the user, not everything-by-default, especially not subscribed calendar items.

For reference, a GREAT app that does daily task ordering with calendar info is Accomplish (Android) but that doesn't let you have huge lists of 'future' tasks. Another way to do it is with Toodledo and PlanMyDay....which lets you import toodledo tasks on a daily basis to line up...which is very labor intensive. You guys HAD IT! The perfect fusion of elegant task list like Wunderlist with short term task planning calendar BUILT IN....and your notifications are ruining it!

Please sort this out, I was so excited to have finally found the ONE thing Wunderlist was lacking....
Hi All,
Really appreciate your feedback.
We'll add an option in Settings for you to enable or disable calendar events notifications.
Will be available in future versions ^-^
Has this issue of NOT being able to disable Google calendar alarms been resolved? It is very inconvenient, so please fix.
Also, my TickTick and shared calendars on Google have stopped syncing - any suggestions?
Hello Budin,

We do not support to disable Google calendar alarms at the moment.

For the syncing issue, could you be more specific? Did you add tasks on Andriod and it didn't sync to GC, or the other way around? You may also double check whether you've subscribed the correct way. Because we do not support two-way sync. Keep us posted.
The problem is, that the alarms are not set in Google calendar, Ticktick sets these alarms automatically.
If you are not able to change this bug, then I cannot use the calendar in Ticktick.
This is extremely annoying. I set a task to remind me at 10 PM. But I'm getting notifications like every minute from tick tick. How do I stop this???
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