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Add Calendar Subscription other than Google
I would like to display my iCloud and Office365 events in my TickTick calendar in the web app, much like I do on my iOS devices "Subscribe Calendar". I love it on my iPhone and iPad and want to do the same on the web so I can see everything in one view on my work PC and home iMac.

In the web app, I've gone to "Settings > Calendar & Mail > Calendar Subscription." The "Add Account" link only has an option for Google. What about iCloud and Office365? When I enter the Office365 URL ( for sharing calendars into the "Add by URL" dialog, I get a message that states "Calendar URL is Invalid". Same result when I try from the dedicated OS X app.

Any further advice on how to add iCloud and Office365 calendar subscriptions to the TickTick web app?
Hi Flipdoubt,
Please add URL of iCould calendar and Office 365 calendar to subscribe.
Take iCloud as an example:

Since the share link is not complete, you can choose "Email Link", then copy the full link to TickTick.
Not sure what is different, but it now works. Thanks.

The only issue is I see certain calendar events multiple times. Could this have anything to do with the fact that I had to subscribe on multiple platforms? As I said above, it worked with the flip of that toggle on iOS, but I had to add each calendar to the web and OS X apps. Could that be why I see some calendar event 3 times, one for each platform?
Can't re subscribe iCloud again. Does the URL have to point to an ICS file, because iCloud urls no longer have a file extension.

Is anyone else having an issue subscribing TickTick to iCloud calendar urls?
Yes I cannot get any of my important calendars to connect. I have 0ffice 365 for work, where do I add this URL to get it to sync???
Can't subscribe iCloud calendars neither. :(
After the latest Web app update, I can subscribe to my iCloud calendar by pasting the URL into the TickTick web app at Settings > Calendar & Mail > Calendar Subscription > Add by URL. My iCloud URL looks like this:


Thanks for the fast action!
I subscribed to google calendar and icloud calendar. They both show appointments with a longer duration as "all day event" in calendar (web/desktop mac) and it shows one day events on two days. This is really confusing when using the calendar in TickTick. Do more people have this problem? Is this a bug? Shorter events dont show as all day events and are showed correctly on one day.
I subscribed my Office 365 Calendar. Everything is appearing ok in the Chrome extension, but when it comes to the Android app, a lot of events are not being synchronized properly... :(
Do you have any recommendations?
I've tried to subscribe my calendar in tick tick by using the URL which is the default address as long as I know, but surprisingly it states "Calendar URL is Invalid". In the web I went to "Settings > Calendar & Mail > Calendar Subscription" into the "Add by URL" dialog. To get the URL I went into, link "calendar", clicking wright hand on mouse into "copy link".
I've tried also the link, which is the one obtained when shared with Google, for example, but nothing changed.
Suddenly succeded! Even with the error advise it worked!
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