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Week calendar is available for web now!
Week calendar view finally comes to web! Isn't it amazing to freely switch between week and month calendar?

If you want to focus on tasks on a specific time range in a day or week, try week calendar. If you need to get an overview for month plan, then month calendar is an ideal display choice~

Dragging directly in week calendar allows you to change reminder while dragging in month calendar will easily reschedule task's due date. Awesome^-^

Thank you all for your support and constructive suggestions!
сделайте больше места для задач без времени
в режиме Неделя
так же можно указать диапазон для отображения нужных часов
например с 9 до 18 а все остальное будет как одна ячейка
и если уж развивать календарь то желательно чтобы у задачи/события был конец/длительность
Love this feature, you guys are the best!
О да! это просто супер дополнение. Большое спасибо разработчикам!
Great feature. Very useful!
when adding a Google Account (for calendars) it would be extremely useful to be able to select different colors to different calendars. Please think about adding that feature.
Great stuff.
Is this a premium feature only?
Nice, dragging and dropping of task is working! Fantastic! Great job!
Нужно двигаться к тому, чтобы у задачи было начало и конец.
Can we get multiple day events to be visible on every day that it falls on?
When will we get print function? I want to print calendar grid view, not task lists.
Now you just need one for just viewing the current day like in Google Calendar.
Thanks for the calendar.
"Now you just need one for just viewing the current day like in Google Calendar." + 1
This is made very well in iOS.
Please consider adding Day and/or 3 Day view for calendar.
Would be nice to have a view of all the tasks that don't have a specific time due scheduled without needing to expand the list in the pop-up box at the top with a scrolling window where it's hard to see or organize all of the tasks - after all, tasks is the primary feature of this app and not so much the calendar. The way it is currently setup is not very convenient to work with.
+1 with George.
I noticed that I can now drag the top portion (which used to have a small triangle to expand) of the weekly calendar to see all un-timed tasks (most of my tasks have no time (as in 'all-day'). This is a great feature and very useful for my weekly review. Thank you!

One feature I would like to see in this calendar weekly view is the ability to scroll right or left in a day by day fashion, rather than a weekly jump. My justification is that I do a weekly review on Friday or Saturday and the drag-drop feature of moving tasks around would benefit if the one-week could be scrolled through, for example: Thursday to Wednesday, or Friday to Thursday, having the weekend in the middle of the view.

Please consider this and let me know if I should make a proper feature request fot this.

One more thing: Please make the Help Center searchable, as I cannot find if there already is existing feature requests to hop on to.
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