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Problem when traveling to another time zone
I have been having a problem whenever I travel to a time zone different from my own.

For example, yesterday I traveled from the Central time zone to the Mountain time zone. As soon as I landed, tasks that had a due date of "Today" were showing up as past due, and tomorrow's tasks were showing up as being due today.

This has happened to me on multiple occasions. Is there any fix in place for this?

Thank you!
Hello just following up on this - thank you.
Hello - I was just following up on this again - thank you!

Hi Cpmoccia,
So sorry for the late reply.
TickTick always follows your device system time zone. So, it's true that when you travel to another time zone, this issue will occur.
And I'm so sorry that there is no access to set time zone in TickTick.

So if I change the timezone on my laptop when I travel this should not occur?

Thank you.

I have my laptop and android devices in the same time zone. TickTick seems to be still bound to an old time zone (perhaps the one in place when I started using TickTick years ago.
I have major issues every year, when the summer time happens in the zone where I'm not, and none of my devices are, but TickTick is.
Please provide a fix to this. Please!!
I just moved from UTC (working as UTC+1 due to current daylight saving time) to UTC-3, but TickTick doesn't get it. This seems like a longtime-issue, as seen above. How can I tell TickTick it should adjust -4h on EVERYTHING (tasks, reminders...)? (I am using Android, by the way, not iOS)
BTW, I was also referring to Android, not IOS
Until now there is no solution to this problem? I'm traveling and all notifications are coming with old time zone
Still an issue.
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