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Recurring tasks not working correctly
Hello! I am constantly having to watch my recurring tasks because they often lose their tag to repeat. Is anyone else having this issue?
Me too; I post about it here:
Hi Sean,
Are you using web version(, chrome app or mac app(downloaded from homepage or App Store)?
I'm using the web version and iOS. I've solved the problem by keeping a close eye on my repeating tasks. Essentially it seems that every once in awhile they lose their repeat designation - but I haven't been able to find a pattern.
Hi Sean,
Could you create a new task on web and set repeat to see if the repeat will disappear or not?
If it still disappears, please tell us the specific steps to reproduce the issue.
If the repeat only disappears on that one task, please tell us the task ID.
I haven't been able to work out a pattern, but repeating tasks periodically lose their repeating designation. The trouble is that it works for a while and then randomly drops, so if you're not looking for it you might lose track of that particular task.
Hi Sean,
There are several point need to confirm with you:
1) You are using web and iOS, the repeat issue occurs to which platform, or both?
2) When did the issue occur?(time) What is the time zone on the device that TickTick has this issue? What is the start day of a week for TickTick on that device?
YES this is happening to me too and it's so frustrating, especially because I depend so heavily on Ticktick for work!!!

I even had a task to backup my Ticktick every week. I just noticed now that sometime in November it stopped repeating itself!!!! Thank goodness I noticed it! I can't imagine how many other tasks this happened to, as I have thousands. Is there a way of tracking it down????

Not sure how to get the task ID of the sample that it happened with, but the text is "Download TickTick backup on browser, save to Dropbox"

I use both an Android and the browser. This task had been repeating for months only to have it disappear out of the blue. Please, developers, help!!!
I switched to Remember the Milk, if that helps. Not quite as clean an interface, but it's very similar and much more reliable. There's also no character limit for comments which is a big plus.

I'd love to switch back to TickTick but the reliability issues are really problematic.

I'm sorry that we didn't reproduce the issue. If it is convenient for you, please copy that task which has this issue to a new list, ans share this list with us (
Besides, please tell us the following info for the task: due date, reminder, time, repeat.
Thanks for reaching out, Wendy. I'm not capable of recreating the issue reliably. The problem is that repeating tasks drop at random, which strikes me as being a code or server issue. Unfortunately that means the program is too unreliable for me to continue using. Hopefully you're able to figure it out!
I have the same exact issue - it occurs on the Android app (which is usually the only client I use). I haven't been able to reproduce it, or figure out a pattern. My timezone is Pacific Time, and my start date of the week is Sunday.

The frequency of this issue has increased over the past year. It used to occur once every couple of weeks, but now, it's occurring several times per week, which makes this app very unreliable - I've started to move my tasks over to a different system.
Hello Boris,

Sorry for the troubles. We will look into it soon.
Boris, what have you begun to switch over to?
Happened to me again :((((((( For 2 tasks, so far. UGH. I already started putting my repeating tasks in separate lists so that I can solve the problem more easily if this comes up, but I have at least 100 of them so it's quite confusing.

PLEASE FIX THIS :(((( It's so scary to think that I depend on this wonderful app for my brain basically, but it's even more fallible and forgetful than my real brain :(

Thanks so much!
Hello Katrina,

Sorry for the troubles. Could you please provide the screenshot of the latest error repeat task's task activities to And also the date settings and repeat settings of this task.
Same problem and thinking of stepping over. All my recurring tasks stopped and my household rythm is gone haha. It will be troublesome to find all the lost tasks.

I'm sorry this issues seems to be in the app for a year when I look at the comments. It started with the custom recurrences and ended up with the simple weekly..
@Sean, I just cancelled my ticktick pro subscription and I've moved most tasks over to a mix of Google Calendar (I use the aCalendar app on Android), zim-wiki (which is a wiki notebook similar to Evernote/Onenote), and paper schedules/lists.

I figure that if it hasn't been fixed in over a year, it's not worth it to keep paying for a broken app. I still use Ticktick once in a while for one-off small reminders, but I'm considering switching those to Google Keep instead.

Is the issue fixed?
I’m so disappointed that because of this ongoing issue I’m going to have to leave Tick Tick after numerous years of being a devoted paid user :(

Unfortunately today a critically important recurring task related to my job was missed, when it stopped recurring all of a sudden, and it has cost me. It’s clear now that this app is just not reliable enough for important tasks, and I cannot cross check all my repeating tasks all the time to make sure they’re still being repeated in Tick Tick.

I hope you understand now how much of a dealbreaker this bug is for users like myself and I hope you will devote some time to get to the bottom of it. It’s very disappointing that after all these comments over almost 2 years, there’s been absolutely nothing done to rectify the issue.
Brad, did you ever hear back from TickTick on this? I’ve been away for a number of years, but I’m hoping to come back if this bug has been fixed...
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