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Dear Friends,

We want to know how you use TickTick in real life and in some certain scenario and cases. We'll select some articles to publish on our blog and Help Center for more extensive communication about how to better use TickTick.

1. 1) If you already published the article about TickTick on blog, community, websites etc, just copy the link to from in step 2.

2) If you never publish an article about TickTick, write your article on Google Docs and share the article link with You can also add photos, videos or some other materials to illustrate your idea or enrich the article.

2.Fill a few questions in this form:

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2. If you allow us to publish your article with your name and profession, it will be easier for readers to understand the article. You can also choose not to show your name or profession in the form.

You are never alone on the way of self improvement! How amazing it is to share the ideas, tips, methods, experience, scenarios, stories of using TickTick with others who use the same app and be more productive day by day!

Thanks for your support and contribution! Any questions about the article, please contact:
if we can use ticktick to send a task to another workmate with the alarm function?
I LOVE ticktick!

Chat between users? Something between slack and tags? I really want to replace skype or hangouts to share links and thoughts with my teammates with a chat panel there where lists or tags are.

What we need is better attention to the Pro users support tickets, it is now taking days and weeks for a response. Is TickTick having $ problems? Is is going under?
Hi Onyx,
I'm sorry for the late reply. We're days off recently. Is there any pending issue for you? Please provide the post link to me. I'll look into asap.
Спасибо, TickTick вы невероятны!
Вы теперь мой большой друг!))) Каждый день пользуюсь, радуюсь.

И с нетерпением жду полной русификации ;)
web, ios, Mac
Так он и так же переведен
Вот техподдержку русскую это да!
Говоря "Так он и так же переведен" что вы имеете ввиду? Приложение для ios, Mac OS не переведены, именно их и использую. Веб почти полностью, но есть незначительное кол-во не переведенных.

А тех поддержка на русском меня мало интересует! :)

Единственное, что мне хочется чтобы все было на русском! :)))
А функционал отлично развивается, пользуюсь и радуюсь! Очень круто
Como se agregan personas?
Right. where do we read the articles?
I would like delete just a task from a serie of repetitions. It's possible ?
I don't rely on the "today" list because it is only for tasks "due" today rather than tasks I must "do" today. When working on a task that should take all week but is due Friday, it doesn't show up in "today" until Friday.

I have a Smart List called "Working On" that includes all tasks tagged #next or #now. This is like my "mental desktop" of things I am working on. This is better than "Next 7 Days" because many of my tasks are not due until the end of the current sprint (SCRUM speak) or they have no hard due date at all.

The "Working On" list is a tool to limit procrastination (#next tasks) and deal with interruptions (#now or urgent tasks that interrupt what I am/was working on before the inevitable interruption).

I also have a #setaside tag for things that were #next but have been superseded by new #next things.
I am happy you added the ability to print tasks with content! Thanks!

For now I use TickTick just for quick to-dos and work/personal documentation. I use Todoist also. Both have pros and cons for what I use them for. I like that TickTick has the calendar view option.

Will their be ability to wrap tasks texts soon? Right texts on the Android mobile version cuts off long sentences with "..."

Hi Onx,

This is really good but one basic feature is missing. When ever i create a new task the time stamp is not getting created. Please implement this feature. Its a small update. It will be really useful for everyone.
Yes, where do we read these articles? I've been using ticktick pro for years now, but I know I'm not fully utilizing all the capabilities. Would love to hear how others are using, tips, etc.
I just started and am trying to record my current daily activities with times so that I can make a more efficient plan for regular tasks. This may not be usual use but I'm hoping I can adapt it and then use it to keep me on a more regular schedule of routine events as well as to provide reminders and records, etc. Currently I cannot add something close to midnight on Today. Advice is welcome!
Thanks for sharing @Flipdoubt seems like a good way to dealing with task that you need to work today but are not necessarily due today
I've recently run into a situation where I'm considering using TickTick for things I previously used Google Keep for.

I would call it "micro-notetaking". :-) Things people use sticky notes for.

I started really using it for stuff liberally and found to my dismay that Google Keep has some lame limit on the number of labels you can create within Keep. That seemed extremely arbitrary, unnecessarily, and severely limited its practicality for me.

Now that TickTick has this new tag functionality, and it looks promising, I'm thinking of using TickTick not only for task management but also for micro-notes and just general stuff-tagging, for future reference, like a filing system.
DO NOT DO THAT TurkeyBoss, you will slow down your tick tick like crazy!
The app is great but surprised it doesn't have an option to check all lists tasks in one view for the upcoming days (inbox + lists). allows that without any issue.
It's not comfortable to be forced to check within lists or use the calendar view when you can have a single view for all tasks for the upcoming days easily

When are we going to have such feature?
Would like to see the spell and grammar checker "Grammarly" work within the Windows and Web app of TickTick... It's an invaluable tool for me - it works it's LOTS for programs now so it must have a good way to interface with it.
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