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Web app is slow
The web interface is very slow when:
* loading initially
* switching lists or viewing a tag
* performing actions on tasks e.g. clicking a task, completing it, editing the description, etc

I am using it in the latest version of Chrome. I have tried the Chrome extension and it also performs slowly.
Hi, same problem here ...
I always enjoyed TickTick because the web app was so blazingly fast in comparison to the competition .. until somewhere in the beginning of this year ... (2017) I think maybe when the "arrange tasks in calender" feature was added ... of course maybe it doesn't help that i have:

2779 Tasks
1175 Completed
43 Lists

and maybe 30+ tags ...

I also had a subscription to a calender url - which i now stopped ... but removing that external calender doesn't seem to improve the performance very much, now...

I am facing problem of extremely SLOW response of ticktick web version particularly marking task tick box and viewing notes, going on tags and custom view etc.
I am using google chrome web browsing where my other all web applications working Fine including my previous daily Task management web program/app Todoist speed was fast in opening even photos
Hello guys,

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. Your issues have been recognised by our dev team. We'll be doing maintenance from the next week. It shall fix most of minor bugs for users, including ones you addressed. Please be patient with us and let us know if you have further questions regarding to our app.
Hi, still very slow.. i can't say i have too many tasks around 50.
still very slow.
For me the problem seems to have been more or less solved. Since 4 or 6 weeks (sorry for not mentioning this here earlier).. Not as snappy as before the start of 2017 perhaps, but very 'workable' (? is that a word in English? :)
I also take into account my ridiculous number of tasks and tags :-)

Thanks for working on the performance.
2 things that will help you make tick-tick faster:
- clear completed tasks list;
- clear trash.

After every completion recurring tasks generate 1 completed task and every completed task count like task.

Sorry for my russian english :D
Thanks for your useful tips, Сергей Есин !! Nothing wrong with your English :-) Greetings from Belgium !
For me, the web app is still very slow - almost unusable.
Any progress regarding the matter?
Hello Chen,

Did you mean the window app?
Hello everybody. My web interface is fast enough.
I have:
36 Tasks
22 Completed
5 Lists

Hey Wendy!

I use my browser.
Is there a dedicated windows app?
Is it faster?
Hello Chen,

Could you provide your task number (all/complete)?

Yes, there is a win app that's in beta now. You can download it from our website.
super slow for me too still. in chrome. not firefox.
I tried win app today. pretty buggy still but will be great to have!
It is slow. Both chrome and windows app

Do you have a lot of tasks saved in TickTick? Could you provide an approximate number?
Very comfortable and functional application, but there is a remark.
A very long launch of the web version.
It loads in 4 - 5 seconds after the start.
My tasks: 93
Completed: 2
Lists: 20
TICK TICK IS SLOW that is it, No excuses it's just slow. You guys need faster servers that is pretty much it @oilexxxi invest in some amazon servers and you will see those speeds go faster than your mother. Chinese servers I have no idea how fast they might be but so far, pretty slow
@Erick, this does not neccesarily mean that the servers need to be upgraded, it most probably also just has to do with some internal application optimization.
Well @pitastrudl whatever it is, it needs fixing asap. Its annoying and slows the workflow
Yes, that goes without thinking, but complaining to it endlessly will not help, you can always use other apps in the meantime,
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