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TickTick in Product Hunt - We want to know what you think!
Dear friends,

If you think TickTick is helpful and worthy to be shared, would you like to take a moment to vote it in Product Hunt to let it's known to more people?

Android TickTick in Product Hunt

iOS TickTick in Product Hunt

Meanwhile, if you write what you think about TickTick or how you use TickTick, that will be really helpful to new users and let other people know how they can better use TickTick.

Thanks for your time and contribution!

Hi Wendy,
I would like to contribute but it says:
<<Commenting is limited to those invited by others in the community.>>
And... I'm not a member of twitter or Facebook - so no Login possible.

But, I highly recommend ticktick to all those who come here :-)

Done this tonight :)
What we need is better attention to the Pro users support tickets, it is now taking days and weeks for a response. Is TickTick having $ problems? Is is going under?
1. I would like to send an email to the person i am assigning a task.
2. if there is a comment for me or for any person, there should be an email which comes up.

Please make this available. These features were requested in 2013, still there is no update.

I do not wish to move away from tick tick, but certain things are simple and necessary
Is it possible to change completed date ?? likewise due date... even in internal menu


Is there any lock protect in desktop-web version like mobile one ??
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