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This is incredible software. Sync Trello tasks & Sync TickTick task...
This really a marvelous software. I am using it regularly. I have few feature requests if you can implement that will be great.

1. Trello: Sync trello task to Tick Tick or vice versa.
2. Sync & Access to other apps: Sync tick tick task with other application like sunrise calendar, IFTTT & Zapier.
Thanks for your nice suggestions. We'll note them down for further evaluation.
I would love to have that feature too. Sometimes you work with people on Trello but your main task manager is Tick Tick! So it would be awesome to sync tasks.
I would vote for sync with Trello as well
Integration with Trello would be awesome. I use Trello to get a high level visual overview of my projects, but prefer TickTick for checking things off and scheduling time to complete tasks. A good % of my tasks originate in Trello as I am planning out my projects. I then have to re-enter my tasks into TickTick. This method inevitably leads to some tasks failing to make it into TickTick. The more apps/services that TickTick integrates with the better.
Trello is best in project management. I am using a lot. I like Kanban approach. No doubt TickTick is best personal Todo if you guys can integrate Kanban view in TickTick that will be killer feature I feel.
Plus one for integration with Trello. With these apps we would create a really useful high level and tasked based todo system.
Forget Trello sync (though I love and use it for high level project management), create a kanban view and I'll move EVERYTHING to TickTick. A high level project view like Trello kanban is the only thing keeping me from going Pro for life.

This feature would have killed Wunderlist even if it wasn't already being killed by Microsoft.
Another vote for Kanban view and/or Trello integration OR a Trello import that would allow me to convert lists from Trello into lists in TickTick.
Hello guys,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this is not on the short list of us but we are working towards it. We apologise for the inconvenience at the moment. Let us know if you have further questions.
I agree. Kanban view :-)
One more "vote" for the integration with trello. Keep up with the great work!
Huge plus one - please add an API for integrations!
Will do in the future. Not a short-term schedule.
Eagerly waiting for KANBAN view. Hope so they will develop it very soon.
I also vote for Trello integration. It is annoying to reenter things and it would add greatly to its functionality.
+1 for sync with Trello as well
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