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Default due date for new tasks not working

On version, creating a new task always sets the default date as tomorrow. This happens even if I go to settings -> Advanced Settings -> New Task Defaults and change the default date to something else. It doesn't matter, it'll still always create the event by default as due tomorrow.
Please check in which list you are adding tasks into. If it's in "Next 7 Days" , the task's due date will become "tomorrow". You can change a list to add tasks to see if the task default due date is right or not.
Hi Wendy,

Oh, right, you're indeed correct. It works when I'm not using "Next 7 days".

Can you make it so that the default setting is honored no matter what list you're viewing? It doesn't seem to make much sense that in one list it's different than the default.

I would like to see this feature added as well. Thanks.
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