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No automatic sorting for tags on ChromeApp
Title mostly. When you go into tags, the tasks are not sorted, and there's no option to sort them. It would be awesome if you could implement this, it would make me use tags a lot more.
Hi Myles,
Thanks for your suggestion. We'll note it down for further evaluation.
Yes please! At the very least auto sort them alphabetically. I don't know why anybody would want them sorted by date created because that's just not useful.
It would also be nice if tags could be archived automatically whenever there are no open tasks tagged to them so that they aren't visible normally. Of course there needs to be an option that allows you to view all tags in case you need to search for an archived tag, too.
How about merging tags into 1?

- To support auto sorting alphabetically is not in our plan.
- We are working on the function of hiding tags without tasks.
- Will be implemented in the future.
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