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Custom day start

First I want to say that I absoultely love your app.

However I have one small request. My work schedule includes all kinds of weird hours. Sometimes I work, for example, from 6 PM to 2 AM, and it's not too convenient that at midnight half of my work tasks go overdue and next workday tasks go active, even though I won't need them until next evening.

Could you please make it possible to manually set the time when "day"changes? For example, so I could set 5 AM as the end of previous day and the beginning of a new one? I think many people with off-hours schedules would be happy to get this feature.
Thanks for your suggestion. We'll see if this feature could be implemented in the future.
Has TickTick already had this feature?

I'd be happy to get it :P
No, unfortunally.

I am still working shifs and still waiting for it. For now I have to creatively use "Overdue" section (and lose points on there being overdue tasks. Which is not important, but still sad.)
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