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FR: Calendar should show overdue tasks on current day
Calendar makes it easy to re-plan tasks by drag-n-drop - great feature. Would be even greater if it was possible for overdue tasks too, without digging into past dates
+1 (requested this months ago, but with no clear answer)
+1 Everything else is so thoughtful and configurable in TickTick. This feature would make it even better! No chance of missing overdue tasks for those of us that like to work in the calendar view.
+1 (and more) I didn't see this thread earlier and made the same request in a separate thread back in Jun 2018. Got a couple of +1s there too.

I use TickTick because it is one of the few task managers that support repeat from completion in addition to repeat from the due date. Yeah!

Now, if I could only get TickTick tasks integrated with my calendar, so that I can see all at once and they update properly, I would finally have the key capabilities that I lost when I stopped using my Palm with DateBk.


We will consider supporting filters of the custom smart lists when arranging tasks in the calendar view. So you could make a CSL contains all overdue tasks and manage them together.
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