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Auto hide/show right panel
Is it possible to resize or set auto hide the right panel? Auto-hide seems to happen with a particular window size and not in a fully maximized window.
Hi! I'm sorry that this feature is not available now.
+1 on this feature here.
The left panel is not very large and I can't read much of the lists' text because the font size is big. This is really something that bothers me.
I have a follow up question. Is there a new web version planned anytime soon? I need to be able to resize or hide the right (sub-tasks/description) and the left (lists) pane.

I am running TickTick web on a 15" monitor with not a very high resolution. I am unable to read the tasks in full without clicking on them. I make it work by zooming out to 75% or 90%. But what I see is, when I do so, the left panel resizes automatically but the middle and the right pane keep their sizes. I would be very happy if I am able to hide the left and right panels.

Also for some reason, when I reorder sub-tasks in a not-fully maximized window, they re-position themselves automatically to the main tasks list.

Thank you in advance for the support!
+1 for resize the right (sub-tasks/description) and the left (list) panes
Hi! Any news on this?
Any updates?
Any updates?
It's possible if you zoom your screen large enough or if you make your browser small -- at least for Edge. But a toggle to hide/show the left panel would still be ideal.
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