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'do not disturb' setting not being honoured
Go to settings on android, and put into 'do not disturb' mode... Tick Tick still makes noise and brings up notifications. Will this be fixed? If so when? Thanks!
Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll look into the issue soon.
thanks Wendy!
Hi. I'm jumping on this thread because I've the same problem but reversed : "do not disturb mode" activated to allow alerts but ticktick notifications has no sound.

I'm using Android Marshmallow.
My Ticktick notifactions are working just fine during the day.
But when I'm in "no not disturb" mode (configured to allow notifications and all) the notifications show up but with no sound.
The others applications, like the default android countdown, issue a sound just fine.
I have the same problem as the OP. Tick tick is not honouring the DND function. I have everything off except for my pager and alarm, and am very unhappy that reminders are still beeping when switched to DND.

Please fix ASAP. You've known about this for 6 months now...
surely this is 1 line of code?

if (!DoNotDisturb) DoNotification();

There you go, fixed.. I'll send you the bill later :D
I have the same problem on my OnePlusX. When it was running Oxygen OS 2.x (based on Lollipop) it worked as expected but since I upgraded to Oxygen OS 3.x (based on Marshmallow) it still makes a noise when on Priority mode.
This is still an issue on my Honor 8 running EMUI 5.0 (Android 7.0) with Do Not Disturb enabled.
I have the same Issue

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact
Android 8.0.0
TickTick 4.6.0

Did you set any "do not disturb" option in the system settings? Could you please provide some screenshots to We will look into it for you soon.
Yes, i disabled any option but "alarm clock".

What kind of screenshots do you want?

Please provide the page where you disabled any option but "alarm clock". Devs will check it for you asap.
I am now suddenly experiencing this same problem... TickTick notifications waking me up when my phone is in DND.
OnePlus 3T
Android 8.0
TickTick 4.6.0.
Here is my Screenshot
Okay guys, sorry about the troubles. Devs will look into it asap. I will keep you updated.
I've also started experiencing this issue, too, and it's very frustrating. I can't say for sure but I believe it started happening after a recent Android operating system update.

Is there a estimate as to when this might be resolved? I really rely on Do Not Disturb to work as it should and it's been hard that TickTick is the only app that overrides Do Not Disturb.

I'd really rather not switch to another productivity app but I may have to.

Same problem.

Google Pixel 1st gen, Android 9 Pie.

I have tried disable 'Alert Mode' in the app's settings. In system DND settings (9 Pie): tried disable any sound in 'Do Not Disturb' mode (even alarms), set 'No sound from notifications', reminders also not allowed in DND.

But no matter what TickTick's notifications play sound while 'Do Non Disturb' is enabled.

That's unacceptable. Please fix this ASAP.
How ironic that I was just alerted to a new post to this thread while I am in bed and my phone is in DND.
Please fix ASAP!
Sorry for the troubles, guys. Android devs are working on it now.
Same here - TickTick overriding DND after recent Android update. Very frustrating to be woken. Look forward to hearing it's fixed.

9 Oct - ETA mine started working correctly a couple of weeks ago.
Same here. On Android P, got woken up many times by notifications. I am very upset. I pay my subscription and this is a new bug since I updated to android P.

Combine that with lack of support for change of timezones and when I travelled from east coast to West coast this weekend, got woken up at 4am for my 7am tasks, when I had set Do Not Disturb until 9am to sleep ! It's all broken! I had to uninstall during my trip.

I am just about to switch todo app and I'm really really disappointed in how this has regressed on Android P. Get with the times and test in the Android simulator if you don't have Android P phones.
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